Affordable & Reliable Bikes for Airbnb

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Covington, KY

Affordable & Reliable Bikes for Airbnb

Hi All! 


I hope all is well with you. Recently, I have been debating the idea of bikes for our Airbnb. The property is next to a couple of trails (very mild, nothing extreme). Does anyone have any recommendations or past "wins" with a great bike for guests that was affordable and reliable? 


Thank you! 

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Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, FL

We just bought "cruiser" (no gears to change and only pedal brakes).  Less to break. 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Have you looked into liability insurance and liability issues. Who is going to pay when guests damage or lose your bikes @Harrison95 


Ask on your local host group for recommendations for bikes. 

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Ocala, FL

No sorry

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Ruston, LA

Good morning @Harrison95 , that sounds like a great idea! Depending on the location look into good mountain bikes. Also, consider putting air tags on them for security and safety.