Changing a host

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Changing a host

Hi Everyone


I did manage approximately 20 Airbnb properties in Melbourne. I currently manage my own 2 Airbnb properties. One in Melbourne and one in Bowen Queensland. There are currently 12 owners who have Airbnb's managed by a professional real estate agent. They are terribly unhappy with their service and would like me to be their host again or at least their co-host. They have been receiving bad reviews for cleanliness etc. which is affecting the bookings.
As I understand it at the moment, for me to take over these properties the current host (agency) will have to delete the property off Airbnb and then myself or the owner will need to set the property back up as a new property. This will mean all forward bookings will be cancelled. This is the major issue. Not only for the owner but the guest and Airbnb.
Is there anyway that an owner can change the listing to a new host, change the listing to themselves and me as co host without deleting the listing?
I'll look forward to hearing from you
Karin Mackay

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As an experienced cohost I'm sure you know for the owners to add you to the listing. The listing needs to be under their profile @Karin1915 


Is it????


i would be highly unfair for guests who booked in good faith to have their bookings cancelled 

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It is not possible to transfer existing listings from one host to another. It would also comprimise the review system.

The owner needs to setup the listing again under own account (maybe with you help) and then you can be the co-host and even primary host.

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I believe the current Primary can change the co-host to primary. So, If you can get the primary to make you a co-host and then change that to make you primary you can choose any cohost  you want to… Ask AIRBNB. This supposedly saves reviews.

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