Do you continue to provide toilet paper for longer term guest ? How much TP do /should we provide ?

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Fresno, CA

Do you continue to provide toilet paper for longer term guest ? How much TP do /should we provide ?


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Boston, MA

Hi Jessica,


I think 2-3 weeks worth of TP is a good start - If guest is staying a very long time, they usually go shopping anyway.



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Whitesburg, KY

For Ann average three-day stay, we put a roll on the holder and one in the cabinet. If someone is staying more than a week, we leave two rolls each Saturday when we pick up and leave linens.

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Santa Ana, CA

@Jessica2948 , my listing is set up for short term stays (3 days avg), max 2 people. We put out one new roll and have 2 extra in the cabinets. Rarely, do we have guests go through 3 rolls of TP,  but have had the occasional clogged toilet from overuse of TP.

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Swannanoa, NC

@Jessica2948  We provide only a starter supply, i.e., a roll on the spindle and two rolls in the cabinet.  We do not resupply a long term guest; they have to buy more themselves.


Be sure to be VERY clear in your description that the guest will receive a starter supply of certain products.

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It depends on what you call long term guest, I have some villas where we now only do LTR I don't provide anything only my cleaner once a week which I make part of the contract, 


I only have one apartment on Airbnb these days and last year we did get a few monthly bookings if the guest pays the full price on Airbnb then I don't expect my guest to provide anything, 

I must be one of the best hosts on AirBnB; they get cleaned twice a week, I change the towels twice a week, and the bedding once a week, We make sure they have enough T/P and tissues, kitchen roll, trash bags, Tea & Coffee and water. 


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Greenville, SC

@Jessica2948  I provide a “Starter Pack” of several items, including 2 rolls of TP per bathroom. I list the Starter Pack both in my listing and in the Welcome packet I send out 3 days before arrival. Most of my guests stay between 5-10 days, so they typically stop by the grocery store on their way in. They usually want to shop anyway so that they have food to prepare in my kitchen.


I’ve never had a complaint with this because:

     1) it is standard for this area

     2) I disclose it in multiple locations

     3) our location is convenient to grocery stores, drug stores and other shops


I’ve seen a lot of lively discussion on this topic, which tells me that there is no right or wrong answer. I know in real estate, transactions are performed according to what is traditional for the area, jurisdiction, etc., for the type of property being offered. It might be useful for you to check other listings close to your place to see what they offer.

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England, United Kingdom

@Jessica2948 It depends on the deal you have done with the guest. We provide enough for stays up to about 2 weeks. After that people are on their own.

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Hello @Jessica2948 ,

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