How does AirBnB count page views?

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How does AirBnB count page views?

Does AirBnB count 'unique' page views? 


So, if an AirBnB User visits my page 20 times in 1 day, does the dashboard report 1 page view?  


This post advises the Dashboard counts unique page views, by Airbnb User Accounts only.

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Can anyone verify?



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I used to be able to see page views for my listing under "Insights." Now I can't find it anywhere. Also the calendar drop down isn't working. Can anyone advise where the put the page views? Thanks

I finally found it under Performance - Conversion - Views. I preferred the easy one click under Insights. Airbnb has over complicated this feature and hid it in the most unlikely place!

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I've always been confused by the statistics for page views over time. 


Last x-days makes sense. How many views of your listing in the last x-days. Right? 


But next 7 days? 30 days? 180 days? Is this a future estimate? Because it can't be the number of views. It hasn't happened yet. 


...or is it how many page views looking for accommodation in that future time period?


If so, it begs the question of what is the stat for past days? Is it just the total number of views? (and if so, is it unique views, as you refer to) or is it the number of views looking for accommodation in that time period?


And if it's views seeking accommodation within that time period, then I'd really like to see how many have been looking at say, October 2022. Or January 2023.


I think a much more useful interface would be to set a start and end date, and see how many people have viewed it seeking accommodation in that time period. And show how many unique views vs. total views, which would tell a lot about the real visibility of your listing. The way it is now is difficult to comprehend, and therefore, rather unuseful. 

Did anyone ever figure out what the dates mean? I am a software engineer that work in data science, and this is so confusing to me…

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@Luke-And-Lana0 the dates are how many views happened for a search that included that date. Apparently they only go out 3 months which explains why we have had bookings for dates with no views. I don't know if someone searches for 7 nights if it counts against 7 dates for the stats.

Very interesting! Thank you. I wonder if there is any difference with dates in the past? It does seem to be the same thing. Searches for places available in those dates.  In theory numbers dates in the past shouldn’t change. The 90 day out thing really makes this almost useless for me… I have a 5 bedroom place and have most of my bookings so far ~150 days out… lol thanks again!

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I do not understand this either. It used to be far more simple and now the next views isn’t clear and with no explanation. It’s almost like Airbnb doesn’t even understand the value of data and it’s usefulness to hosts who grow their business….albeit without accurate or representative information and in the dark 

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