Mattress recommendations

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Vancouver, WA

Mattress recommendations

I am about to open up a second bedroom to guests and want to add a memory foam queen mattress.


Does anyone have advice on an inexpensive, yet comfortable mattress? Any experience with dreamfoam, bedinabox, zinus, ikea, or similar brands?

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Minneapolis, MN

Due to recent comments from guests about the softness or uncomfortability of the bed, we set out to find a replacement.  We visited a few chain furniture stores and warehouse stores.  These offerings were usually disregarded due to price OR a long wait for fulfillment (4-5 weeks).


We ultimately went to a regional mattress manufacturer (there are locations around the midwest and east) who builds the product in-house, has reasonably priced merchandise, and can fulfill the order in 2 weeks.  It was nice to be able to test the bedding (following COVID pre-cautions), view the assembly process since this location contained the factory, and have an attentive salesperson who understood beds and could discuss the pros and cons of each offering.  


Additionally, they have a 10 year warranty, 1 year comfort replacement policy, and stand behind their work.  Your purchase is supporting a local business and if you don't have a store/factory in your area, they ship nationally.


Feel free to direct message me if you'd like more information.  We're excited to replace our rental bed before the end of the month!

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Ikea has a combination mattress (springs on bottom and memory foam on top) for around $400 which is actully a great deal. Costco has full memory foam ones which are pretty good as well. 

One recommendation when you are at Ikea, pick up their waterproof mattress protector for $20. Not just the cloth protector but waterproof. 

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Hey @Audrey34,


I use two IKEA "HAFSLO Sprung mattress - medium firm", in two super-king sized beds i airbnb.

They seem like they are up for hard work and i frequently get good reviews about how they feel.

Most importantly, queen size should not be more than 150USD?

Lastly, as @Ash-and-Dasha0 said, use a waterproof mattress cover/protector, it's worth it.


Just my 2¢,





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Both of these responses are solid. Here is something else to consider. As Harry mentioned his guests love the feel of the mattress. Why not sell them to increase your profits and maximise your listing?

   One of the newest ways to maximize your listing is to partner with a company to sell the mattress directly to the guests. All you have to do is place a placard next to the bed and if the guest loves the mattress they place an order on line using a coupon code tied to your listing. The mattress is roll-packed and shipped within a week. Commissions are paid monthly. Easiest way to bring in another revenue stream to your listing.  

@Samuel161  If I were a guest, I would find it quite off-putting to find a placard next to the bed trying to sell me something.



We purchased a queen-sized performance hybrid mattress shipped to our home in a box for only $645!  It offers the perfect fusion of premium pocket springs for support and high-density foam for pressure relief.


The Recovr Mattress has a 40% discount for Airbnb Hosts and provides hosts an opportunity to generate significant income from the mattress.  We've made $300 in referral commissions so far this year.


Airbnb Host Program:


For you, the Host: 

  • A Recovr Mattress (any size) at a special Airbnb Host 40% Discount
  • A bedside Recovr Mattress display and a supply of custom coupon cards for your guests.
  • $100 commission per mattress purchased with your coupon code, paid out monthly.

For your Guests

  • $125 OFF, per Recovr Mattress.  Any size and any quantity.  They simply redeem using your custom coupon code we assign to you. 

Looks like they priced their Queen to $1900 and the referral program is 66% off for hosts = $646  for hosts. Then 50% off for guests who use a referral code = $950. Sounds like they inflated the price to double and are pricing the bed at casper prices and slightly higher that TN or Next for hosts that do their selling for them. The $100 commission is cool though.

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Bergen, Norway


We use "best there is" from Ikea with their mamory foam topper - now in their 7th year and still going strong.


Care to say which one exactly


Hi, I had a look at Ikea and did not find any mention of "best there is". Can you please let me know which Ikea mattress you bought. Buying mattresses is the most confusing airbnb task I have had to conquer. 


There is good popularity of Zinus mattresses on the market. You should explore more Zinus mattresses because they are good for quality, price and the performance.


You should  check out, they have tri-layer memory foam mattresses with adjustable firmness. The mattress comes with a waterproof inner cover too so handy for thoose accidental spills!

If you email they can assist you with wholesale pricing 🙂

I recommend you to buy a latex mattress. Its best and durable mattress. I bought last year it from and its still in best condition. If you wanna buy another then explore there you will get many ideas about mattresses.

audrey  i have a great opportunity for you i know you want a mattress for your new guest bedroom i have a lots off mattress coupons codes with a discounts and dreamfoam, bedinabox, zinus, ikea, or similar brands available in store all brands
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We bought a used newish firm mattress from craiglist and then used a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress topper on top of the mattress. Guests rave that the bed is super comfortable. I don't think it's necessary to get an expensive mattress if you get a high quality topper. My thinking is that if you break down the expensive mattress, it is basically a good topper (foam, gel, or otherwise) on top of a more supportive structure.

I then protect the mattress and topper with the Utopia waterproof covers from Amazon.