Please make "fragrance-free" a filter

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Please make "fragrance-free" a filter

There is now a HUGE number of people who are fragrance-sensitive or have MCS. I'm one of them.


The odours of conventional cleaning products, air fresheners, dryer sheets, etc. make me sick. They give me headaches, burning eyes, feelings of tightness and tingling, respiratory irritation, heart palpitations, nausea, dry mouth and many other symptoms. I've had more than one vacation ruined by fragranced bedrooms that were making me ill. Surveys indicate that about one-third of the population in the US and other countries is fragrance-sensitive or has MCS or prefers fragrance-free spaces.


Please AirBnB stop ignoring this incredibly large group of people. You currently have filters for 13 different accessibility features. Could you PLEASE add another one, "fragrance-free"? Fragrance-free properties actually exist, it's just that you can't easily find them, at least not on the airbnb site itself. (Google search can be used as a workaround, but it's far from perfect.) Thanks!

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I can see why you would think that, because you are probably picturing the people who would use this feature as entitled white ladies who put too much faith in Gwyneth Paltrow's take on medicine. In truth, they are people with conditions like MCAS who need to travel and are grateful for any accomodations that aren't a total assault on their bodies. Because of that, as long as the host makes the accomodations the say they will (e.g., no scented products and cleaning with safer products) they can expect very positive reviews.


For example, the only fragrance free Airbnb I know of is near Sedona, is always booked, and has great ratings.

In my own experience, I have managed to find a number of hosts who were willing to work with my medical issues, and we have always been on good terms because the accommodations I asked for were relatively easy (see above) and even though I wasn't perfectly comfortable, I felt much better then I would have in an ordinary hotel or Airbnb. But a fragrance free filter would have saved me SO MUCH work contacting hosts and explaining my medical needs.


The only time I have ever heard of a person leaving a bad review was when a woman was repeatedly assured by a host that the room used unscented laundry detergent and no scented air fresheners, which turned out to be completely untrue.


As for the other points like the healthy bed (i.e. A bed that doesn't off gas the VOCs that trigger our symptoms), those are things that would make a space even better for many, but I don't think anyone would expect those things just because a place is listed as fragrance free.


I think you are also underestimating the prevalence of these conditions because people with them usually don't mention them. People who report any degree of problems with fragrances are about 20% of the population (mostly headaches and such) and severe sensitivities are about 2%. That means a number of hosts may already be practicing fragrance free cleaning of their properties, but are unable to communicate it with the large numbers of clients who would love to rent such a space. At one rental I checked out in 2021, I spoke to a cleaning lady and asked if she could use mostly vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda to clean. She replied that those were all she used because her son was "sensitive to chemicals."

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How do we create a "dating" service of sorts here? Would love to have you folks as neighbors and friends. I am now looking for suitable properties in Nashville, TN area to start one or two fragrance-free NOO STR (non-owner occupied short term rentals) because I cannot trust guests to be truly fragrance free in MY living space. Jan. 2022 planning commision rule requires residential properties to be owner occupied at least half the time. Identified my first commercially zoned home. Unfortunately, my agent learned it was listed in error. Existing business was grandfathered and property will revert to residential with next owner. 💔



There's a lovely couple in Folly Beach who have an independent site for fragrance-free, chemical-free. I have stayed in their home as well as one from a former listing that was in Cape Coral a few years ago. Unfortunately, the Cape Coral listing is no longer offered.

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I would be really interested in forming a FB group of people who can self-report positive fragrance-free places to stay.


Count me in! However, there is a tremendous risk for a host to state listing is fragrance free because one horrificly fragranced guest can wreak havoc on a space. Synthetic fragrances DO NOT degrade in environment. Period. (My daughter sent me an article on topic from a class she was taking years ago in environmental sciences.) As one who has suffered acute MCS I know from experience there have been some fragrances I simply cannot remove from textiles even by laundering with additions of borax, washing soda, baking soda, peroxide and baking soda, etc. Thanks, Brenda

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I’m in!


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OMG yes!!!! I have to message all hosts after I book to ask. I would love that filter. Next on the agenda: UBER ability to order cars without those awful air fresheners !!!!

My Fragrance Free/MCS Airbnb


Hello, I created my fragrance free Airbnb for people like me who are severely affected by toxic scents and have MCS. My Airbnb functioned beautifully, and I explained in my listing the details that needed to be followed. People loved my beautiful, clean and non-toxic home!  I received rave reviews that were all 5 star.........and quickly became a Super Host.


I decided that I needed to make sure that every guest would understand the rules, and so I chose to provide all the products which were organic unscented dish soap, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, body soaps and small bottles of shampoo (an pretty much plant based) to assure that each guest would abide.


I kindly provided an "Airbnb Rules" document regarding MCS on a clipboard and left it on the dining room table, along with my hand written card to welcome them and thank them for choosing my Airbnb home for highly sensitive people who have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities).


I sold my Airbnb home this year, but will be investing in this wonderful experience again soon.

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Yes!!!  This filter option really needs to be added!  I know many who would greatly appreciate this.

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I would so pay extra for fragrance or chemical free space!  Significantly more, actually.  I have lost so much money having to cancel after arriving, having an asthma attack  and, then, find someplace to stay at the last minute (about $500 for a few days this week…).  


Surely there is a way to allow hosts to say they are “fragrance-sensitive friendly” or some other way to help guide our choices without being unreasonable.  Or, better, to develop measurable standards as do some hotels and work places that, then, allows the owners to charge a premium.  This is now a legitimate accommodation request in the US.


This has become such a problem for me that I will only use AirBnB  if I can’t find a hotel or other alternatives that are willing to make this accommodation.  Too many unfortunate experiences for me and the hosts.  Too much money down the drain for me and the hosts!

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YES!  I came here to post the same thing and saw someone already had. Every time I find something I think I might like to reserve I have to message the host to ask, then explain exactly what I mean by "fragrance or scent free".  It takes forever.  I'd even be good with "artificial scent-free" option, but I know many people react even to natural scents.  So maybe both options for filters!

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Ottawa, Canada

Yes I agree, a fragrance free filter and education to hosts about multiple chemical sensitivity would help people who suffer from mcs have a easier time to find accomodations. 


Please make the option for WiFi  in an Airbnb to be a filter so that people can have the option to have a manual on/off button. I had this in my Airbnb...... and people loved this option. I also had a "fragrance free" space, and people love that also. High emitting radiation harms every living thing on Mother Earth, and toxic chemicals from products harm every living thing also.. Thank you. Gloria Frank "Safe Technology Educator"- "Chemical Free Activist".

Glad to see this topic in this thread as MOST EMF sensitives experienced chemical sensitivities before recognizing the symptoms of EHS as I did. Have been in treatment for breast cancer for past year. Just had surgery, but must be super vigilant as I am still in treatment.

Thank you very much.  This would be greatly appreciated and make a huge difference to our health and our lives, and hopefully to the bottom line of the hosts and AirBnB.  [Advertisement hidden]

I just sold my chemical-Free and manual off/on button for wifi Airbnb, and so many people loved it and commented. I  tried for years to request that Airbnb start to categorize topics of interest for people with challenges regarding fragrances and wireless radiation.....etc. They never put any effort into my request.  I am so very happy to see this, and I plan to have another Airbnb and provide this again.

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Where is your Airbnb I’m looking for fragrance free Airbnb somewhere warm, like Florida or California or Costa Rica or for summer Minnesota lakes

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Yes, please add "Fragrance free" and explain to the hosts what this actually means.  It is important to explicitly detail that it includes cleaning products, plug in air fresheners, soaps.... and that even essential oils or natural scents can trigger MCS symptoms.


In addition, could there also be a filter for newly renovated or newly painted units (i.e. within the last 2 to 3 years) please?  I have gotten very sick from recently painted/renovated (especially with laminate flooring) units even within the last 2+ years.


As MCS is considered a disability in some countries (e.g. Canada), this could be considered reasonable accommodation.  At the very least, if some of this information it is already clearly listed, it will save time and effort on the part of the hosts (from answering questions) as well.


It will also encourage us to travel more, thereby increasing revenue for both hosts and AirBnB.


Thank you very much.  This would be greatly appreciated and make a huge difference to our health and our lives, and hopefully to the bottom line of the hosts and AirBnB.

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Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, please.

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Prescott, AZ

Yes. Yes. FF filter SO needed! I’ve tried to filter on my own and it’s exhausting and tricky. I would stay any place that advertised fragrance free. 

Unfortunately, as part of chronic illness I developed several yeara ago, I became EXTREMELY chemically sensitive to things like conventional cleaning products, dryer sheets and air fresheners.  Most of those things are all but impossible to avoid in large hotel/motel chains and even B&B's which makes travel super challenging.


Having a chemical-free/low fragrance filter for Airbnb listings would be nothing short of a life saver for me and many others who are chemically/environmentally sensitive.

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