Problem with guests and August Smart Lock

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Problem with guests and August Smart Lock

I have been using the August Smart lock for a few months now, and on paper, it's been great. 


However, more often than not, guests show up at my door without having downloaded the app, much less created an account. August sends an email to all of my guests, but the majority tell me they've never seen it.


As a result, I'm left to guide them through the process of app installation and set up after letting them in. Not a HUGE problem. But, it kind of defeats the purpose of getting a smart lock. 


What have you guys done to encourage your guests to "come prepared". 

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One thing to remember is that not everybody embraces the dictatorship of 'freedom' through the digital internet of Things.

It can't be expected that all of your guests will be happy to upload extra stuff on their devices just to get into a dwelling or be able to use it. Not everybody wants to do that. I for one, am a friend of the less I need thru apps and the less I thus give up on my privacy and personal data, the happier I am.

Currently having problems with August sending automatic messages in airbnb

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Totally agree with you here.  Just found out that this app needs to connect with my AirBnB account.  It wants to see all of my future and past reservations and be able to read and send messages?  Really?  No.  Sorry.  Not going to do it.


Got a place reserved where I am going to show up in 2 days.  Not sure what to do when I get there but I am not letting this random crap app read my entire AirBnB profile just so I can unlock the door.


Even better, my partner will not have mobile phone service (we are from overseas and got 1 USA sim only), so if the home wifi doesn't work from outside, they won't be able to come and go without me.


August App is just really bad, bad, bad!

🤔 We never connected our Airbnb account with August, why would we when they are two separate companies?? Our calendar reminds us to set up August for the guest a week before checking in. REMEMBER: You don't have to link any third party sites to Airbnb if they aren't part of Airbnb companies. 
Again August has been one of the best apps for our vacation rentals guests, I still stand by that, even with all of the changes with the August company.

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After spending quite a bit of money on August Smart Lock products, it continues to have problems with guests. The keypad is the worst, and repeatedly fails. August support has been poor and takes too much time. Disappointed that I trusted the fact that these folks were airbnb partners so they must have been thoroughly checked out prior to recommending, but reality is - too many problems and we have had to have guests use key lockbox.

2021, August is STILL garbage. I ordered the latest gen with wi-fi connectivity + keypad. Three days after installation, the keypad mysteriously disconnected from the system and stopped working. Tech support said "password was typed in too fast, causing the keypad to become disabled and require factory reset". Definitely sending it back and looking for an alternative solution.

Sean, I'm dealing with the same issue on the SIX! Yale/august smart locks I have. It's so frustrating. I had a 32 night reservation cancel yesterday. I had another guest unable to access the unit at 2am when they arrived, I was asleep and the August customer service rep couldn't help and asked the guest to reset the lock! lol. I feel like I want to throw them all through the window. Do you have a line on any alternatives yet? 

@Will1896   You have to tag a poster if you want them to see that you have responded to their post or asked them a question, so they get a notification.


But Sean did come up with a solution, at the end of this other thread:

This sounds like a nightmare 

I ordered the August smart lock to test it on my house before putting on the AirBnb. Does not work half the time. Returning to Amazon and looking at alternatives. Hard to believe AirBnb rated this the best lock. Yeesh...

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Does your listing mention the need to download the app in order to use your rental? Do you warn guests to be on the lookout for the email?


I find that if I want a guest to do something, I need to mention it in my listing, in an email after they booked, and in a reminder message right before they have to do it. I suppose it's also possible the email from the company is going into spam folders

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I've had the app a couple of days, tried probably 12 codes with no luck to be connected to Airbnb townhouse, others in my party have! Talked to August Home, said I was all ready and they told me to contact host to try again, still not in! Wasted a good chunk of my time tonight, need to be preparing for flight  instead!😕 Very frustrated!!

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. I eventually gave up and bought a normal keypad lock from Yale. I can program codes to give my guests and it can be opened remotely if neccassary. 


@Luke52 I have a couple of August Smart locks also, and you are entirely correct about the trouble of having the guest set up the account ahead of time (or rather, *not* setting up the account ahead of time).

I also use the keypad, and just have to manually set the guest up with an access code, which I send to them the day before.


You are right: it sort of defeats the purpose of the automated integration.


I have heard that August is working on upgrading its software to automatically set up and send the keypad codes also, so at least that would be handled even if the guest never set up an account.


I am glad you have a found a solution that works better for you!

One of these days, hopefully someone will design the *actual* perfect AirBnB smart lock.