Smart Door locks

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Smart Door locks

Hi Everyone - 


We're closing on our first Airbnb rental next week and going to be updating the property, so I wanted to ask a couple of questions about the smart home features - specifically locks.  


I've been researching alot of the smart home locks and these look like they're going to be awesome as we'll be managing our property from afar (rental is in FL and we live in Chicago).  Some of the ones that I'm considering:


  1. August  - wondering if we would need the keypad and door lock as well.
  2. Schlage Connect + Wink Hub - have some friends that use this on their rentals here in Chicago
  3. Kwikset Kevo - This is probably the bottom of the list

I'm concerned with some of them that require a smartphone app (of course they have a backup key) as some of our renters may not be techno-savvy.  Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated!



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Is it financially beneficial to host remotely? I ask because I see so many stories about hosts who do what you are planning on doing and its one horror story after the next. Will you have a co-host near the listing? I opted out of the remote lock because people just arent that techno-savvy while traveling and the price to install and upkeep was just too high. Its not the 90% of guests that do it perfectly that I worry about, but the 10% of guests that take up 90% of your time.  There were too many unknowns and things that could go wrong with the remote lock. Instead I settled on a simple Schlage keyless entry lock which works fine, but its quirky. It'll lock automatically once the door is closed sometimes, but not all the times. Sometimes after the guest checks out I'll arrive to my place to find the door unlocked. Thankfully I'm down the street and I can check on it at anytime, but it scares me to think what if I was a remote host.

Hi Zacharias - unfortunately we're not in a position to rent this out locally (we live in Chicago) so this is kind of our option.  Thanks for your feedback though.

We're in Florida is property posible  co host assistance 

@Zacharias0in Las Vegas, NV


I know this thread is old but I have to chime in: A remote lock is a must for me as a remote host. I have security and use a Z-wave compatible Weiser (Kwikset) Smart Code 10 lock (soon to be upgrading to the Wieser Obsidian keykess lock for added security as I've never used the key in 2.5 years of operating my Airbnb in Canada).


1) Every guest gets their own unique temporary code (last 4 digits of their phone number) which I program into the online portal. It automatically expires when guest checks out as I input the check-in/check-out day/time

2) I can see if the door is locked on my online portal and can lock/unlock it from there.

3) when the door is not locking it's becasue of a mechanical issue such as a lock jam. Usually, I need to adjust the adjustable striker plate (the door lever striker plate not the deadbolt striker plate) so it pulls the door closed tighter to the weather stripping to avoid lock jams. (This needs to be done seasonally when the temperature changes considerably from freezing to warmer temps and back).


Before I had the automation/security I had to get my cleaners to change the codes manually which cost more time and money than my monthly monitoring/equipment costs with (CAN$33). Manually changing the codes took 10-15 minutes after each guest.


I cannot stress enough what a timesaver it is and the peace of mind it offers.


BTW: In the event the door is unlocked due to a mechanical issue. The security system will cover it if an unauthorized person should open the door until I can get my cleaner in to check the lock.


I am looking for 3rd party software compatible with my IQ Panel 2 that will automatically input codes from my AIrbnb calendar bookings so I no longer have spend time doing it remotely. I may add a SmartThings Hub to my system just to be able to use the RBoy app that does this as stated by Madhura below.

Does anyone have experience with the Samsung SHS P718 Push Pull Handle.  Thanks for your insights into its performance over time.

It works really great for me 

Not sure if anyone is even following this thread but we have an admin code and we set a personal code per guest that is limited based on their stay. There have been times where they entered their personal code incorrectly, etc. We provide them with the admin code and they are in. Not really an issue. Its our guest house so we are close enough to not need wifi accessibility.   Having a backdoor code works for use. Which is my point to those remote host. wifi access sounds like it will fail. Setup an admin code. Have it change if its been used by a guest. 



I agree with your opinion on out of state hosts. I opted to finally build my ADU on my property. But I completely disagree with your take on smart locks. It's almost a must nowadays. I don't really understand the whole price to install and upkeep take. I bought my smart lock, which also has a physical key for $250 and installed it for free. It's much better than keep track of keys.

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Look into kwikset 916. Sleek keypad that you can change code for each guest, plus provide dates and expiration times. It's a lifesaver. My code activates for guests at 3pm and expires at checkout. I get an alert every entry and exit (if I want) and I have it set to auto lock after 5 min. You'd be appalled at how many guests don't lock the door - even when they're home! 

Hi Jess - thanks!  Appreciate it.  The thing I didn't like about the August was that you needed to purchase the keypad seperately and set it up, so if someone didn't use the app they would have to do this.


I'll look into the Kwikset 916.  Do you have this running through some kind of home hub like the Wink system or Nexia?  Did you compare this to the Schlage or did you just go with the Kwikset?


Thanks again.

I'm also looking at those Kwikset locks. I liked the styling and it seemed easy to use. As far as guests not being able to use the app, don't all airbnb guests have to have a smart phone app anyway? I don't think I've had one who wouldn't be able to use a phone-activated lock. 

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How do you open the gates into a secure car park in an apartment resort. 

I got a couple of ladies in their 70s with a flip phone. I also got an indian guy in his 40s who had trouble opening a lockbox althouth I gave him the code. I wouldnt trust a "smart" up that relies on a mechanism and no key. what if there's a power outage/no internet/hurricane whatever? In my mind there should always be a key besides the smart feature. just for backup and technologically challenged.

@Adi25 wrote:

 I wouldnt trust a "smart" up that relies on a mechanism and no key. what if there's a power outage/no internet/hurricane whatever? In my mind there should always be a key besides the smart feature. just for backup and technologically challenged.


Adi, smart locks work on battery power. It doesn't matter if there's a power outage/no internet or a hurricane. The smart lock will work!  And if the battery goes dead a backup 9 volt battery will get you in (only with the code of course).

They tell you in advance if the battery is getting low too. I haven't needed a key in 2.5 years of using a smart lock (which also has a key port). The added security of not having a key port which can be picked/bumped is worth the peace of mind.