Smart Plugs & Smart devices

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Winchburgh, United Kingdom

Smart Plugs & Smart devices

Hello fellow hosts.


I wan to install smart plugs in the house so I can turn no/off devices at times when we don't have guests (for example, radiators).  

Most smart plugs I saw have a button that can reset the plug for pairing. 

Since I have had my Alexa device disconnected several times, when guests tried to connect their phones to it, I was wondering if you might have found a smart plug that only you as hosts can control, but your guests won't be able to access and change the settings.


I don't live near my Airbnb house (it's our holiday home and it's 5 hours drive to it) and although I have a cleaning team, I want to be sure things are turned off when guests leave (especially with our current high energy prices) and to be able to turned back on before guests arrive.

Thanks in advanced for any insights / ideas. 



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Greenville, SC

I don’t know if the same brand technologies are used in the UK, but we have our thermostat and locks operating via a z-wave device. There are standalone Z-wave controllers, but ours is z-wave gateway embedded in our Trane thermostat. We connect to this gateway remotely through the internet and control our locks and thermostat using it. We set door codes, get alerted when guests and cleaners enter/exit the property, and raise/lower our thermostat remotely. We can also set a temperature range on the thermostat that the guests cannot breach. We could also connect additional smart devices (lights, for instance) as long as they support the Z-wave protocol.

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