I am looking for any tips and/or advice regarding wrinkled bedding.   My hosts drive down to pickup the dirty linens to launder at their residence and drop off the clean in color coordinated bags for each room.  There are 6 beds. 

  I'm given 6 wadded up balls of linen. SIX duvet covers, 16 pillow cases and 12 sets of sheets. I cannot begin to count how many hours I have wasted trying to get these wrinkles out. And because I feel like I should have this down by now I don't charge them for the time.   I've steamed, I've ironed, I've sprayed, I've tossed them dry into the dryer with wet towels. Nothing works. Last week I was so overwhelmed I had a panic attack and left in tears.  

 If anyone has used the Bedsure duvet covers on Amazon...please tell me what you do to make your bed look presentable...


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i can assure you as an owner of a sucessfull turn over cleaning company, that linens must be treated as a great investment. They must be folded out of the drier. If they are wrinkled inside the drier then the drier is overly packed.


I know your frustration, especially doing a wash and fold service myself for those units that have the econo dryers that take up to 6 hours to dry 6 towels

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@Lindsey372  I would tell the host that they have to either be more mindful of how the laundry is folded for you, change to no-iron non cotton sheets or pay an extra couple of hours each turnover for the bedding to be ironed.  I have found that a steam iron plus a water spritz bottle does okay.  I also only iron the pillow cases, the top 1/3 of the botton sheet [on the bed] and the top 1/3 of the top sheet.

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@Lindsey372 if you don't (can't in your situation) iron the sheets when they are slightly damp you have no chance. If your hosts are so dumb as to provide you with linen in a ball post washing then they will deserve any low ratings they may get in the reviews. You certainly shouldn't be stressing about it.

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I provide %100 cotton sheets and all I do is fold the sheets at the top, spray some water on the folded part, and smooth it out. I don’t worry about the wrinkles in the rest of the sheets. Most people understand that 100% cotton and wrinkles go together. Even though my properties are not the most inexpensive, I’ve never had a guest complain about wrinkled sheets.


I have heard that putting tennis balls in the dryer will prevent the sheets from wadding up, thereby reducing the wrinkles, but I’ve never tried it. 

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I would not be impressed to find unironed sheets and duvet covers. I go to a great deal of effort to iron mine, particularly the duvet covers, as these are most obvious when a guest comes into the bedroom.

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Oh Fiona!  You are such a gem!  I hope they appreciate you!


Appreciate yourself and charge them for your time!


I’m in the USA where women are no longer a slave to linens or ironing

We spray the linens lightly with a good spray bottle and smooth them out by hand. This works quite well and no one irons!

We recently purchased new duvet covers that are an all cotton brocade like material that wrinkles far less than the previous duvets that were more like a sheet percale. 

We use all cotton untreated sheets and have never received any complaints. The beds may be slightly damp after spraying, but they always dry in time for guests. 

Good luck and try some Wellbutrin. A lifesaver for those of us that suffer with anxiety!

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Oops!  I meant to address my reply to @Lindsey372


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I saw this string and had to laugh. I have a split head adjustable bed and (just one) and a three hour drive to our AirBnB. I have purchased many sets of high quality cotton sheets sets that my house cleaners launder. They do not iron or starch them. I drive up every five visits, starch and iron for the next five visitors. My grandmother ironed her under clothing and she taught me to always starch a guest's linens. 

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