Worth: Additional Revenue Stream

Worth: Additional Revenue Stream


1. Connect Contractors (handyman) to Airbnb Listers to maintain and upkeep their investment. 

2. Additional revenue stream for Airbnb, although investment on creating the platform and building a pool of certified contractors.


Here is my real life example.

I'm at my property 4 to 5 times per year. I want to ski and not spend all of my time renovating and updating. Idea is for Airbnb to connect me with Certified (vetted) and Licensed Contractors who would be willing to have a free getaway and make renovations and upgrades. This would be a premium service offered by Airbnb,  upcharge. All scope and contract agreements would solely be between the contractor and the property owner. 




I would totally let someone, family or no family, stay at my place for free for a week and just get things done. I could then come back to a updated, continuously, property.

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Level 10
Bristol, United Kingdom

I would imagine most decent contractors would want to be paid for their work rather than being offered a free stay. @Jim1975 


And I agree Airbnb couldn't possibly vet contractors in thousands of areas around the world.


why not ask for recommendations from local hosts in your area so you can get quotes from contractors. 

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Santa Ana, CA

@Jim1975 , I agree with @Mike-And-Jane0 . Bad idea. Airbnb can’t vet guest properly (lack of govt ID), let alone vetting contractors…

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England, United Kingdom

@Jim1975 Noooooooooo - As a global company Airbnb is not capable of properly vetting contractors in every country (or even in the USA to be honest).

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