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    Hello, looking into upgrading my lock system. Want a smart lock with capabilities to remotely change the key code and have timer settings. Please give specific models that have worked out for you. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read! Latest reply by John5097
    Hello, has anyone experienced a problem with Sifely model S smart lock (blue box) in which the access code works and “unlocks” electronically but the handle does not open from the outside? We installed it correctly and has been working fine for over a mon... Latest reply by Rebecca
    Hello, I’m a new host and in need of advice. My guesthouse has 5 bedrooms: 2 downstairs and 3 upstairs. How I can rent only 2 bedrooms downstairs along with kitchen and full bathrooms? We have an opportunity to close stairways to the second floor. Should... Latest reply by Helen3
    Due to some experience, I have decided to close my calendars until I am back in the country when I'll be able to install smart locks and enable guests to check in by themselves with PIN code sent to them upon booking confirmation. My intention is to have ... Latest reply by Tarek111