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    Hello everybody! I’ve been hosting a suite in North Central Quito for about a month, and I’ve found that every time there’s a guest, afterwards there are new scuff marks on the walls. Most of them on the entrance, but also on different parts of the home, ... Latest reply by Tamia13
    A Guide to Thoughtful Lighting Design Are you ready to elevate your Airbnb hosting game and create an unforgettable experience for your guests? One key element that often gets overlooked is lighting design. Thoughtful and well-placed lighting not only ... Latest reply by Angela1496
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    I was wondering whether you give any type of "gift" to your guests, such as putting fresh cut flowers in their room, setting chocolates on their pillow, leaving a bottle of nice wine for them in the kitchen. I have read about some hosts doing thing... Latest reply by M123
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    Anyone have Cync available to guests? I love Cync for my home…customizable lighting is the riz. Anyway…I have Cync bulbs in guest rooms but I haven’t figured out a smooth way to provide control to guests. As it is now, they would have to download the Cync... Latest reply by Alex1485