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    Hi Everyone Do we have anyone that works as a CO host or CO manager? Are they the same? I will like to connect with someone that can assist with hosting and supporting the hosting. Latest reply by Paula
    Guests who drive Electric Vehicles, simply get it. Reward them with built-in Level 2 chargers and welcome these environmentally conscious guests with the right resources Jennifer: Canada has committed to having a full and vibrant Electric Vehicle Fleet by... Latest reply by Stephen1431
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    #WorldCleanupDay: Having plants in your listing is attractive, supports cleaner air, and significantly reduces dust in your listing. Plants also show a commitment to the environment, which may make your guests feel good. Jennifer: Indoor plants are impo... Latest reply by Andrea6532
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    I live in Central California where temperatures can reach 100+ and my guests have their own AC and thermostat. Lately my guests have been extremely inconsiderate and turning the AC to 68 and leaving the unit vacant, thankfully I have a Nest thermostat tha... Latest reply by Jennifer4232