listing image tips

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listing image tips

example pic big on mobile appexample pic big on mobile appmy pic - small on mobile appmy pic - small on mobile app


Hi Hosts and Helpers!


Hoping for some help re: listing images.

I like to think we have a good set of staple images, but i think we can improve by adding some more lifestyle shots that we have from instagram.


I see on some listing, when viewing via mobile APP, they have been able to get a really large clear portrait image onto their photo assortment.

I've tried a number of ways to achieve this, uploading a large image format and then zooming and cropping in the airbnb site image editor, and also adding a large black border around image and then cropping in on the airbnb image editor, but both options failed.


I've added 2 images, mine that is small, and a reference image that is nice and big - these are screen shots from viewing on my mobile app.


Just wondered if anyone had any tips?

thanks in advance


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Hi @Alastair-and-Glen0 


I have no idea, other than what you've already tried, but responding here to 'bump' up your post so maybe someone more knowledgable will respond!

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