Are you up-to-speed on carbon monoxide safety?

Are you up-to-speed on carbon monoxide safety?



Safety and security are critical for every stay. With that in mind, we want to make sure all Hosts understand how to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your space. Carbon monoxide, an odourless, poisonous gas, can only be detected by a carbon monoxide detection device, and installing one is a quick and easy way to help save lives. 


Airbnb strongly encourages you to install at least one alarm and to update your listing to let guests know that you’ve done so. Hosts with an active listing can get a free alarm through Airbnb. 


Do you have carbon monoxide or fire safety tips to share? Are you considering adding additional alarms outside bedrooms?


Please share your thoughts with us—and head to the Resource Center to learn more.


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Level 10
Sayulita, Mexico

That Airbnb keeps pressuring all hosts to install CO detectors, regardless of whether there is any possible source of carbon monoxide makes no sense at all.


It's akin to being urged to build a set of stairs in a one story building, or installing baby gates in an adults only building. It's pointless.


Level 10
England, United Kingdom

@Sarah977 Agreed. We have a CO alarm in an apartment with no CO producing appliances just so we 'look good' to guests!

I shall apply for a free alarm and put it in another apartment.

Host Advisory Board Member
Achères-la-Forêt, France



I have a smoke detector in every listing because it is compulsory in France. My cottages don't have any appliance which could produce carbon monoxide and I have confirmed this when I created the listings. 


The carbon monoxide alarm is also a smoke alarm so it is a good opportunity to get one for free here. Thank you for letting us now. It should be told also when we fill this section in our listing with a link maybe?



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