Early access for Superhosts: custom Airbnb web addresses

Early access for Superhosts: custom Airbnb web addresses

Superhosts deserve web addresses that are as unique as their homes and hospitality. And soon, all Superhosts will be able to create a custom web address—an exclusive, easy-to-remember link that will help guests find their specific listings and make it easier to brand and promote their business. That’s right, no more lengthy web addresses that include random numbers and symbols (unless you prefer them, of course).


In the next couple of months, we’ll be introducing custom links to Superhosts. Superhosts will receive an email or a dashboard notification with a link to create their personalized web addresses.

Let’s brainstorm some ideas to make your link stand out. First, here’s what the new format will look like:

  • airbnb.com/h/[your custom name]

Some web address examples:

  • /french-alps-vacation-homes-and-cabins
  • /babu-getaways
  • /helens-homes
  • /private-room-in-barcelona-city-center


Things to think about:

  • What makes your space special?
  • Is your space in a unique location?
  • What makes your area or city one-of-a-kind?


Tips on making your custom link easier to read:

  • Use lowercase letters
  • Use hyphens, if you wish, but no other symbols or punctuation
  • Keep it short: 100 characters or fewer is ideal
  • Keep it private: don’t include contact information such as last names, email addresses, or phone numbers


Other points to keep in mind:

  • Avoid the word “Airbnb” and any trademarks or brand names, unless you own them or are authorized to use them
  • Steer clear of misleading information such as “verified” and “official,” and impersonations of another person, entity, or listing
  • See our policy with more details on what is allowed


This feature was designed so Superhosts can create memorable web addresses, put them on business cards and in email signatures, and promote them on social media. In the coming months, all Superhosts will get access to this feature—thank you for providing hospitality as unique as your future web address.


*Superhosts are allowed one custom URL per listing. If at some point, you’re no longer a Superhost, you will be able to keep your custom web address. If your listing becomes deactivated, the custom URL is then available for another listing to claim. 

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Level 3
Calgary, Canada

Thanks Airbnb!👌

Since most replies seem to favour this innovation, without fear of looking daft beng an older host, could one of you Bright Young Things please explain why this is advantageous as I don't know how this works? Thanks in advance from a Bright Older Thing!  Lyn

Level 5
York, United Kingdom

Lyn, it makes the link to your listing more meaningful... making it easier for guests to find your listing, your link will be easier to remember as it isn't some random letters and will look much better on a business card, again as the link contains your business name and not random numbers/letters.

Thanks for trying to explain but I still don't see the relevance. Surely the only ' link' to my listing is through the homesite of Airbnb when a prospective guest searches my area on their website? Why would I have a business card when my bookings come from an online  'host' platform covering the whole world? It's not as if I need business cards to hand out at the local railway station to canvass business is it? 

Maybe it's something that airbnb should cover so that hosts less media-savvy can understand as their newsletter certainly didn't cover it for the likes of me.

Level 6
Newport Beach, CA

Hi Lyn,

If I want to mail the link to my property listed on Airbnb, it is:


What Airbnb is offering is to allow me to create a more concise and meaningful link. Something like:



Both of these links would take you to my property on Airbnb. Or potential guests will find you property by searching Airbnb as they do now.

One benefit for me will be to have business cards printed up and now I can list the web address on the card. It is a cool alternative and doesn't change anything.

Level 3
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Can put any unreadably long machine-made link through a url manager and make it short, eg to



Level 1
Sandgate, Australia

Hi Lin14, I am not sure how you made the short link - but it is pretty neat - and it works 😉 Cheers


Level 2
Bridgewater, VT

Level 2
Long Branch, NJ

So you used the tinyurl.com site to change your own Airbnb address?  I'm so confused.  I thought I was awaiting a banner from them to change it.  I haven't heard any updates that it has launched.

Level 1
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

Same here!!


Level 2
Mells, United Kingdom

Dear Craig,

We're in Somerset, UK and fairly new to AirBnB hosting. 

Could you tell me how much this new offer costs?


When AirBnB said as a Superhost I could get decent photographs done I thought it would be free, but it will cost me in access of £60.  Actually the photographs we took are fine so I only said yes to AirBnB to be polite!  We are: The Studio In The Garden/Mells/Somerset UK.

I would be most grateful if you could let me know what you paid.


All best Christine

PS We have a charming couple from CA staying with us now for 6 nights

PPS Your place looks lovely - might book in sometime!


Level 2
Honolulu, HI

I recommend using a professional photographer, it's the top marketing strategy to get more rentals. Most of my rental is professional, I did add a couple from the photographer again after doing some upgrades.


For a rental to be earning tens of thousands in gross income each year, a small photo budget each year is very much advised!

Level 2
Long Branch, NJ

I have several profess photographers in my close circle yet I used my iPhone10 plus with my Moment case and 85mm lens.  Total cost for case and lens is about $145. For wide angles, this works great.  For tight shots, the phone on portrait mode does the trick when you want bokeh.   I think the photos come out amazing. 

Level 2
Grants Pass, OR

I had a guests who was a professional photographer.  She used her Iphone 10 also and got some pretty good shots.  ONly problem was the guests now say the space looks bigger on the site than in person!


Level 10
England, United Kingdom

@Christine1647 fellow West Country host here.

I got an airbnb photographer with a superhost voucher.

I would not recommend him.

His photos were OK, but he ignored my instructions about not going in places that were not part of the listing, and he made more of a mess in the bathroom than any of my guests ever have.

If I'd been paying I'd have been apoplectic!

Level 2
Mells, United Kingdom

Hello Mike and Helen,

Thanks for the warning.

As a retired food stylist I'm very well acquainted with photographs of varing standards....

Air BnB said I was now eligible for a photographer - they didn't say it would cost me over £60!!

Our pictures [The Studio In The Garden/Mells, Somerset] are perfectly ok but AirBnB also told me after I'd pressed the YES button I couldn't cancel.  Fortunately there wasn't a snapper available in our area to do the honours so will contact AirBnB and cancel - whatever they say.

Thanks again

Best wishes

Christine and Simon 

Level 2
Underberg, South Africa

Hi Christine and Simon,

I've just had a look at your photos - pretty cool they are - no need for a professional in my opinion.  They have given me inspiration to re-do mine.  There's no Airbnb photographer for hundreds of kilometers from Underberg and Hamstead Farm Cottage!

Thanks for the exchange.

All the best,


Level 10
Hakuba, Japan

I've read that guests prefer the iPhone type photos to  "professional" photos because the iPhone photos are not that heavily edited.  I mean honestly,  we don't want to trick our customers when the real thing isn’t even nearly as beautiful as the photos.

I've used a good digital camera and my iPhone for various interior and exterior shots, and most of them look good and specifically are truthful.


Level 2
New York, NY

I totally agree. I find accuracy and truth in advertising in pictures makes for happy guests. My guests tend to be pleasantly surprised that my place is better than the pictures. Then the happy guest reviews make for more trustable sources than sexy professional photos.

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