Inside look: Superhost appreciation party

Inside look: Superhost appreciation party

Superhost 1.jpg

Caption: Airbnb co-founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk attended the party to congratulate the 12 Superhosts and their guests in person.


Achieving Superhost status is an incredible achievement, one that represents standout hospitality, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Meeting that high bar is a huge win. Continuing to meet that high bar is even more impressive.


In fact, fewer than 4,000 people have maintained consecutive Superhost status since the program was introduced five years ago. That’s some 60 months of zero cancellations and five-star reviews. At Airbnb, we decided that merited a party.

In March, we invited 12 of the most tenured Superhosts to Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco, California, to celebrate their hosting success. A sign greeted them at the event: “You’ve hosted the world. Now it’s time for us to host you.” That says it all!


Take a look at some photos of the party, below, and stay tuned—this event was so much fun, we plan to host more Superhost celebrations in the future. In the meantime, thank you to all of you who are Superhosts.


Superhost 2.jpgCaption: Airbnb employee Johanna Desbordes welcomes Superhosts and their guests to Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco.


Johanna gave out Superhost pins and nametags and led the group on a tour of Airbnb headquarters, which includes meeting and conference rooms modeled after actual listings. Johanna was the perfect person to act as tour guide: She and her husband, Gian, are Superhosts themselves, and they first met when Joh was a guest at Gian’s home in Italy 7 years ago.


Superhost 3.jpg

Caption: Superhost Kitty stands outside her home away from home.

Does this look familiar?
Superhost Kitty and her husband joined hands above a replica of their Airbnb listing, a “mushroom dome” cabin in California, on the fourth floor of Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters.


Superhost 4.png

Caption: Co-founder & CPO Joe Gebbia; Co-founder, CEO, and Head of Community Brian Chesky; Superhost Mary Sledd; and Co-founder, CSO, and Chairman of Airbnb China Nathan Blecharczyk.


All three of Airbnb’s co-founders joined the event to congratulate and thank the Superhosts.


Superhost 5.jpg

Caption: A Superhost with her customized guest book.


The Superhosts received personalized guest books as a gift and thank you.


Superhost 6.jpg

Caption: Superhost Janna (left), receives her customized guest book from Airbnb’s Laura Chambers, who leads the team that looks after homes hosts and Superhosts.


Superhost 7.jpg

Caption: Superhost Ash shows his personalized guest book to Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia and other guests.


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Level 3
British Columbia, Canada

We receive positive reinforcement every time we host our guests. Thank you cards , little notes and gifts  and comments written the guest book are so much appreciated.  We love that the company recognizes our hard work as well.  Must have been a great experience for the lucky hosts that were selected. I would love to see there customized guest book, what a great idea.

Level 2
London, United Kingdom

All the rewards suggested sound good to me.

BUT how to qualify, now that’s a mystery, can anyone enlighten me please  ??

Level 2
Port Angeles, WA

I got the gold key award too....kinda cool, but a larger credit towards staying in another's listing would be better, $200 instead of $100 would be better!

No one ever mentions this goldkey award, I wonder how many have them.

And I AGREE! It drives me batty when I can't see the entire message as I write it...most aggravating!

Level 2
Melbourne, Australia

I'd love a hoodie like Joe Gebbia is wearing .... here's an idea ... open an online shop with Airbnb merch that people can buy if they achieve certain milestones .. like 1st say you can purchase a hoodie, T or cap that says - "I've stayed in an Airbnb and loved it!"  ... 5 star guest after 5 x 5 star guest ratings migh be able to purchase (at a discount) "Im a 5 star Airbnb guest"   .. superhost might be able to get milestone prints like I'm an Airbnb Superhost!  I'd buy that!  (at my special Airbnb Superhost discounted rate of course!.  And of course they would have the option of adding in some of that beautiful Airbnb art ... I love my superhost flowerpot!   Hey AirBNB - feel free to hire me for more of these brilliant ideas!  I'm based in Melbourne but happy to travel!   Love Jane


Level 5
San Francisco, CA

We've been hosting since 2009, airbnb's first year, and have been superhosts since the program's inception. (Well, not counting the first iteration of the superhost program, which was by application only. We did not apply, because acceptance "earned" the right to serve as an unpaid consultant to other hosts... It seemed like a lose-lose proposition. I'm all about the community, but applying for an opportunity to train our competition for free just didn't make sense!)


I think we were invited to this party, but we were away and couldn't attend. Just yesterday, I received my "20 time superhost" award in the mail. It was not a personalized guestbook (which at least would have been useful for our future guests, and might have eventually held some cherished notes...) but rather a chintzy keychain and gold key, with a large metal stand on which to mount it. My best description: a shoebox full of future landfill.


I would have preferred the guest book to the gold key, but I'll echo a previous commenter, who asked for something truly useful, like health insurance! Or, for that matter, maybe just focus on making everything work better for Hosts. (Example: When uploading photos to the Community Center forum, why does the software rotate my photo 90 degrees??? Or, Example #2: When messaging guests on an iPhone, give us more than a one line field of visible text, so we can actually see what we've written (or dictated) without having to scroll up and down. That one is maddening!)


I'm appreciative of all the opportunities airbnb has given us, both as hosts and as guests, but I wish they were more focused on working to improve things for the airbnb community, rather than standing back and clapping - for us and for themselves. 

Level 2
Vallejo, CA

How can we join the party ? 

Jud & Dao
Level 4
Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

It was great to host such event. Being recognized and appreciated is what hosts love to have after all the hard work. Well done to the 12 Superhosts and all the hosts other there who have done fantastic job providing extraordinary services to travellers around the world! 

Level 2
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Bacana demais,amo ver pessoas comemoramdo o que é bom. Parabens amados e amadas.O mundo e as pessoas precisam desta conecção.Amor carinho e simplicidade.abraço carinhoso.

Level 2
Prague, Czech Republic

I'm actually one of those less than 100 Hosts... where was my invitation?


Actually I was quite surprised that I am in the top 100 Hosts when ranked by Superhost status, I figured it had to be at least in the 10s of thousands.

Keep up the good work hosts, it always pays off in the end!

Level 1
United Kingdom

I've just achieved SuperHost status - it would be great to have this type of event in the United Kingdom to network with other like minded Superhosts and learn from Air BNB.

Level 1
United Kingdom

I have my own personalised guest book which i purchased on Not On The High Street - i take photos of the reviews and post them on social media too!

Level 2
London, United Kingdom

Oh also I have been using a guest book since the beginning and I have some marvellous entries !

Level 2
London, United Kingdom

Thanks Airbnb for providing such a good platform for my bed and  breakfast business. It takes all the areas of difficult admin away from me, I'm very grateful ! 

Thank you also for my beautiful hard working dog bowl that you sent for Christmas  it has stood the time test , and continues to shine brightly ! 

You promised me a carbon monoxide detector a few moths ago  ? I have not received it yet.

I hear the radio adverts for Airbnb hosts , and wonder why you mention London only  and not the rest of the Uk ?

I have been a Superhost since 2014 , still busy and happy.

Level 2
Fayetteville, AR

Way to go celebrating Superhosts.  It takes a lot of work, and the people that achieved this distinction in the beginning and maintained it for over 5 years have really accomplished a feat.  Looking through all of the pictures, I can tell the Superhosts from the Airbnb employees/founders because the superhosts put on appropriate clothes for a celebration.  The superhosts wore nice clothes to honor the people they were visiting. The Airbnb team in general had on jeans, untucked shirts, baseball hats, hoodies, etc., which either comes across as cool or lazy depending on the generation from which a person comes.  I believe not only in dressing nicely for myself, but to honor the people that I meet each day.  It is a form of respect.  I'm not advocating a coat/tie and dresses for everyone, but looking neat and put together is better than looking like a person that is going to Netflix binge on a new series all weekend.  These superhosts were the first people really helping to launch Airbnb and to make Airbnb money.  It is great that their efforts were celebrated.

Level 2
Hertford, United Kingdom

Realy great to see this.  Giving back - love it.  And would love to know/hear about any events in the UK too.  : )   Viv

Level 2
Hamilton Parish, Bermuda

I like the idea of a personalised guest book.  I wish I had get all the notes I have received from guests.  I think I will start now.  Dean, Bermuda

Level 3
Sydney, Australia

Wow! That’s awesome. I would love a customized guestbook. 

Level 2
Little Rock, AR

I like the customized guests books. Nice touch to celebrate the event.

Level 2
Cape Town, South Africa

Wow so nice to see and my goal to get there ,thanks guys and girls for the insperation 

best regards from your future "Superhost" George all the way from South Africa

Level 2
Penang, Malaysia

Any celebration or event for Superhost in Malaysia? 

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