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    It’s been an exceptionally busy year for us at Airbnb! In 2022, the Host Advisory Board contributed to important decisions at Airbnb, providing feedback on topics such as Diversity & Inclusion and Product/Policy Development for Hosts, and we couldn’t b... Latest reply by Till-and-Jutta0
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    As part of Airbnb's work to combat discrimination and help build a more inclusive community, we launched Project Lighthouse in 2020. We partnered with civil rights organizations to research when and where racial discrimination happens on our platform a... Latest reply by Branka-and-Silvia0
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    In May, we introduced Airbnb Categories – a new way of making millions of unique homes discoverable to guests who would have never known existed otherwise. We want to ensure guests looking for a unique space, like yours, can easily find it in categ... Latest reply by Burke10
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    When you welcome guests to stay in your space, it’s essential that they respect your home, follow your house rules, communicate promptly if issues arise, and avoid creating a mess. So, we’re introducing ground rules for guests – a new set of enforc... Latest reply by Sophannara0
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    As Hosts, you’ve given us a lot of feedback in the past year. Based on your feedback, we’re making significant changes to the hosting experience, including the AirCover for Hosts program. These updates include: Even more AirCover: AirCover for Hosts ... Latest reply by Emilie
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    Hosts gave us a lot of feedback in the past year, whether you discussed topics here in the Community Center, commented through our submission form, or participated in one of over 50 listening sessions worldwide. We listened, and then we went to work....