Air bnb accepting money under false pretenses

Air bnb accepting money under false pretenses

We have cancelled/deactivated our host listing, sold the property, re-located to another country.  Despite this, and numerous phone calls, Air bnb has kept the listing active/bookable and the new owner of the residence has people turning up to their private home.  The unsuspecting travellers  state that they have booking through airbnb, and that airbnb has taken their money. Having severed all ties and hosting for that property, and de-activated the account/listing, we have no option than to report Airbnb to the relevant Fraud Investigation authorities. Someone has the guest's money, and it is not us.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Presumably you've looked on Airbnb to check that there is a listing up there for your previous property? Who does it say the host is for the property?


If you have deactivated your listing, in my opinion, it's much more likely a scammer is using your old address - rather than this being Airbnb listing @Sally949  and is listing on third party websites.  Have the new owners got a screen shot or photo of the false listing from those turning up?


If this is the case you will need to report the false listing on platforms that is listing on. The current owners should do the same.



Thanks Helen, 

Yes, my name appears on this mirrored site as host, which is upsetting. Our friends and business acquaintances in that country are being told by an unthinking few, that I am ripping off customers and committing fraud.


We're still waiting for a representative from the relevant Air BnB department. The information was apparently forwarded to them for investigation, by the customer assistance representative we spoke to.


Thanks for your reply.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Sally949 ,

This is a sensitive issue that must be addressed as soon as possible. I have brought your concern to the team's attention. I'm hoping, you get to hear from them soon.

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Thank you Bhumika,


I still don't understand why your representatives, having confirmed my identification details, cannot simply remove the property from your site, or at least render it as unbookable, until you are able to confirm the details.


Regards, Sally.


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England, United Kingdom

@Sally949 I suspect someone has compromised your Airbnb account and resisted the property. Its certainly one for the police but Airbnb could be more helpful as it is their customers being conned.


Did you remove the property from your account or totally remove your account?

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