Airbnb Suspended

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Airbnb Suspended

I am totally confused on why my Airbnb was Suspended. I am very Courteous to my guest and have had no complaints. I have not cancelled on anyone. I am hosting I'm extremely confused and feel like I am being punished for no reason. I had a great review from my first guest and because she moved to California and needed her mail sent to her I had my fiance mail it due to my back surgery then she took my review down..  Can anyone help or has anyone been in this situation? 

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Hello @Johanna568 ,


I hope you are doing well !! Have you connected with customer support for this issue? 



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Sheeeeeeeet not another one, 


I dont like the way airbnb go about this it's like you are guilty so now you prove you are innocent,

All I can say to you at this moment is get yourself listed on other sites,

The main ones in America are VRBO and so you dont grind to a halt

Maybe you can pickup some business from them, 

A lot of host can use Furnished Finder in America that caters for traveling nurses I can send you an article comparing FF v Airbnb, let me know,

Good Luck 

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It is not exactly clear to me what happended regarding the "mail" incident you describe (and who removed your review ?) .

But fact is your account is suspended, so probably some violations where detected by Airbnb ?

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