Airbnb not having any number to call for assistance with uploading proof and receipts for damage.

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Airbnb not having any number to call for assistance with uploading proof and receipts for damage.

To whom this may concern.  It will be interesting if I even get some sort of response.  I have had so many people just tell me they are passing on my concerns to a specialized team.  Many, many phone calls with people who are not knowledgable about my need to call police when my furniture is stolen except for a threat from Airbnb that I contacted the guest directly as the police suggested to possible have them return my property.  Now these people are long gone and so is my furniture.   

I could not upload the evidence when I got to the part on the Resolution Form to up my evidence.  Many, many, many calls later someone offered to upload all my screen shots and someone offered to upload my evidence.  Many, many, many calls later I was told it was not actually attached to my file and this person from Airbnb did actually add the evidence properly to my file so I could submit.  I was then told that I was too late from the Resolution Centre.  I have tried with Many, Many, Many phone calls to have someone at Airbnb look at all my screen shots and messages from Airbnb that started the day the damage and the missing furniture was discovered.   Many, Many, Many phone calls.  95% of these calls were to people over seas who just promise to pass my information onto a special team that does not contact me in anyway!  I still to this day do not know how to upload the evidence.  When it comes to this part of the form and I try to add all types of files but none are recognized by the program.  I then call many, many, many times to try and get someone to upload them for me.  THIS VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR HOSTS!  THE PROMISE TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF HOSTS DURING COVID ARE NOT HAPPENING!  I AM NOT SURE WHERE THE SPECIAL LINE FOR SUPER HOSTS WENT BUT I AM NOW SCARED FOR MY PROPERTIES AND I WILL HAVE THE CLIENTS ARRESTED FIRST IF THEY ARE CAUGHT STEALING AND CONTACT AIRBNB SECOND!  

Does anyone respond to this post or will it just disappear!



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Hello @Pauline796 


you are posting on a community forum for hosts and guests who are here to help each other.


I am sorry you have had this difficult experience but shouting at your fellow hosts and guests is unlikely to help you progress your issue


The special line for superhosts is the main customer services number that you phone for your country (they divert calls for SH which are meant to be answered more quickly).


Hopefully Airbnb are working with your local police to track down those who stole from you. Of course you should report theft to the police first before contacting the listing company for your STR business


Can you help Pauline with the technical issue she is having uploading evidence for her claim on the Airbnb guarantee?


@Nick  @Stephanie  



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