Appalled filters are no longer working

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Deerfield Beach, FL

Appalled filters are no longer working

Filters are NOT fully working. When I set a filter, I want it to filter for a reason. Now you are doing this garbage of a maneuver: "Missing WiFI" - "Missing under $89" - "Missing A?C" -  After using Airbnb for over 5 years, I am disappointed that you are wasting users' time in order to sneak in more reservations in the hopes someone doesn't notice.  This is highly unfair and I am not sure why you are allowing this. Please stop, and revert to making filters do exactly what they should do: FILTER options. 

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Phoenix, AZ

After 7 years of loyalty to Airbnb, I finally made the switch to VRBO for this exact reason. It took hours of scrolling through Airbnb listings and reading descriptions versus seconds in VRBO’s app.

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Wilmette, IL

I agree completely. I am super frustrated by all of the options that aren't what I want. I am a big girl. If I put too many filters and there are no options, I will use my judgement about what is most important to me and remove some. I am on my way over to VRBO to see if their filters are working better!!

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Pacific, WA

Ya this is ridiculous! If I have to look at 20x the amount of options and they arnt what I'm looking for then I will not be using airbnb to look for my next stay.

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Los Angeles, CA

Do you mean this?


Screenshot 2022-12-10 at 15-14-53 Top La Puente Houses & Vacation Rentals with Self check-in Entire home Airbnb.pngScreenshot 2022-12-10 at 14-49-18 Vacation Homes & Condo Rentals - Airbnb.png

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Tallahassee, FL

Agreed - this is crappy usability I’m tech design. I’m not bothering with Airbnb anymore until they can filter correctly. Try VRBO instead!

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Sheffield, United Kingdom

This is exceptionally annoying behaviour. I want to see places with a hot tub in the general area we might stay in. My initial surprise that there were so many choices, was replaced with annoyance. The map was swamped with a random selection of places without a hot tub. The bizarre choice the algorithm made is that a search for a hot tub means someone is interested in small apartments. As a user, I'm annoyed, as a shareholder I am concerned.

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Tallahassee, FL

This is my exact problem with the functionality LOL - go try VrBO .

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Fort McMurray, Canada

This is honestly frustrating to no end.  The filters have ever worked since I have been using the platform.


I am a single traveller searrching for ONE BEDROOM accommodations and they can not even get that right.  I select one bed and in the results I get every bed combination there is so I have to scroll through countless ads to find anthing that is appealing for what I am searching for.  Honestly how can they not even get this simplest of features right?!!!  I tried to speak with someone from Airbnb which led no where and was also incredibly frustrating. 

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Lancaster, PA

Notice this conversation was created over a year ago and airbnb provided one cut-n-paste response and nothing more. They aren't looking at this thread. They don't have a ticket open for it. Instead of posting replies to this conversation, flood the customer service mod's inbox with new complaints. Posting here does not a lick of good. If the service wants to waste your time with busted 'filters', waste their time sorting through hundreds of new complaints they have to respond to. Make sure they know their arrogant algorithm is cutting into their bottom line and losing them more revenue than it's gaining them. That's the only way to make them care. Go over the top and out of your way to smear this business practice wherever you can because that is the only thing businesses like this listen to. Unfortunately, being a reasonable person and complaining once won't accomplish much. You have to be a complete **bleep** to get noticed by scumbag companies that try to pull things over on consumers. You have to rake them through the coals until they pay any attention to the problems with their service, then they try to play the victim and make you feel like you did something wrong. Such is the way of capitalism. All we as consumers can do is take away their business. It's up to them to see what they're doing is wrong.

So stop responding to this thread so you can all feel good about complaining together. No more "I agree with @  so and so" posts. It's obvious no one from airbnb is following this issue. Go flood their inbox with complaints, and if they don't fix it, take your business elsewhere. VRBO has its flaws, but at least the search filters work for the most part.

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Leeds, United Kingdom is where to tell them what you think. You have to go through a few steps to convince them to let you contact a real person, but not too many. I suggest linking to this discussion in your complaint.

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Leeds, United Kingdom

Correction: the contact page just links you to a customer service rep, who says basically, "nope, that's how filters work now."


Use this to send your complaint instead:

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Jyväskylä, Finland

Started googling this problem.. We are travelling with kids (0 and 2 yrs), and there are some necessities, unfornately airbnb fails to deliver search tpool to meet our requirements.

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Liège, Belgium

I agree.  That's super annoying, making the website almost unusable now.   If I select "parking available", I want to have the list of places with parking available.  I don't care seeing all the places with "missing parking".

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Healesville, Australia

My problem too. This starts an airbnb boycott for me

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Cape Town, South Africa

Agreed, a filter is there for a reason. From a host and a user- please fix this ASAP

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Oakland, CA

Also switching to VRBO. This is silliness.

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Chesterland, OH

The filters do not stick on a PC over here.  Awful "feature", listen to your user base!

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New York, NY

It's so ridiculous and whoever designed the search function on this app/site clearly has never used it.  Why have filters at all if you're omitting specific amenities requested?  Beyond stupidity and going right back to VRBO as have most of my colleagues.

Yes, this filtering on the app does not work. Everytime I put in 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, it never applies it and I'm stuck looking at hundreds of rentals that I wouldn't consider renting. However, I noticed that if you use a computer, the filters stick. 

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Midland, MI

Adding to this conversation as Airbnb search is now absolutely worthless - trying to add more comments so they might pay attention. For small trips in California there are MANY MANY Airbnbs. If I want to bring a dog, I want to see ONLY THOSE THAT allow dogs. I want to see ONLY THOSE THAT have Ev Chargers. Looking at the "likes" for these posts, 0 given for Dan and Dale's useless response, while many likes for others, I hope Airbnb recognizes this needs to be fixed ASAP. However, since it's been a feature for long enough that I've booked all of my recent trips on VRBO, it's clear Airbnb isn't getting the hint. 

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