As a co-host, can you leave a reply to a review?

As a co-host, can you leave a reply to a review?

I'm co-host to various listings. It seems that I cannot find anywhere to leave a reply to a review as a co-host. Is this intended functionality from Airbnb?  It seems that only the actual owner can leave a reply, which in my opinion doesn't make sense. In this case, the owner is not dealing with the guests so it is my responsibility to reply.




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@Karl1044  I don't know what the team who set the co-hosting parameters was thinking, but it makes sense to me that the primary host would have the right to final say over a review response, since that's a very visible and consequential part of their listing. People very often screw it up by addressing the reviewer instead of their prospective guests - responding to a negative review in the wrong way is the easiest way to look totally  unprofessional and upend an otherwise good reputation. So it might not be such a bad thing if you have to work as a team on this one. Whatever you have to say, if it's worth posting, presumably the host you're collaborating with can paste it in. 

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Very interesting point of view and makes a lot of sense! I can relate to that, but on the other hand, as a property manager, I might be co-hosting accounts for the owners who don't know the correct way to approach the situation. Some of the owners are busy investors that couldn't care less what is happening in the profile and definitely do not have time to be reading or replying to the reviews. I see myself as a professional that deals with guests so that the owner (that is paying me to do it) wouldn't have to. For this reason, I prefer to have the listings under my own profile so I can control absolutely everything that is going on and also be sure that none of the settings are changed nor descriptions as every word has been thought through. @Anonymous @Karl1044 

@Veraxul0   in Airbnb terms, property managers and co-hosts are two separate things. 

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@Karl1044  If the listing is under your profile and you receive the notifications to leave a review, you should also be able to leave responses.

The listing is under a different account's profile. I am a co-host, helping out with the listing.  I've confirmed with the account profile owner that they can leave a public review. I cannot as a co-host. This does not make sense.  Is this intended functionality? 

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It looks like I'm having the same problem, Karl. I didn't realize it until after I left the last review using my own account, but somehow it was displayed as having been left by the property owner, with her own photo. Truly annoying, as she is by choice minimally involved in the management of the property. The guests interact only with me.

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