Edit feature of Listing

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Edit feature of Listing

Whenever I try edit my settings, it bring up the scratch. for example


Fees and charges
Fees and charges are added to the total price for guests. You may want to adjust the nightly price to reflect your changes.
Cleaning fee
This fee will apply to every reservation.
Security deposit
If you submit a damage claim within 14 days of checkout, guests will be responsible for damages up to this amount.
Extra guests
After more than: 1 guest, charge $10 per person, per night.
For each guest after
I believe it should show current setting.
Like as if Current setting is show
cleaning fee is $30
Security deposit $100
Extra guest $20
Very confusing.
Why edit menu doesn't show current settings.
Thank you
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@Soohaeh0 when I edit say the cleaning fee the existing fee is shown. We do use pro-tools not sure if that makes a difference. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Soohaeh0 ,

Thank you so much for putting forward your concern here!

Calling out  @Helen3 @Mike-And-Jane0 @Sudsrung0, if they can help you regarding this query. I am sure as seasoned Hosts, they will be able to give some suggestions/ information regarding this.

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