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Toowoon Bay, Australia

Host login



I am having trouble finding the green air bnb symbol so I can log into my host account.


I am also having trouble finding my property when I search for it.

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London, United Kingdom

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I'm running into the same issues

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Kelly, United Kingdom

Same here, it used to be so easy to get to where you want to.



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I can log into my account as a 'traveler' but not to 'Host'. There is no 'switch to hosting \' command????

My host login has totally disappeared. I can't find my listings at all!!!!!

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Arizona, United States

I think I will quite this company. They don’t let me change my weekly rate bath sending me guest and charging older rate I have no choice bath not to except reservation, then they fin you. They need to come up with better and simpler system for hosts.

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New Delhi, India

@Ritesh8 Kindly help me with my last booking of my property checkout date and time. 

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New Delhi, India

I'm not able to see my posting on Airbnb after I applied for Electricity charge

Yes.. Airbnb should improve this forum!can't access and reply to my guests!

Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

@Gladys194 Sorry to hear you're having some issues messaging your guests!


I just wanted to clarify that the Community Center is a space for Hosts to share tips, experiences and knowledge, and not meant for you to communicate with your guests. If order to do so, make sure you head to and use your inbox there. 🙂


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I am having issues there is so much confusion. I am trying to deactivate an account. The instructions I am receiving is not working.

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Honolulu, HI

Airbnb doesn’t seem to care much about hosts, just wants the cash from vacationers. Signing in as a host on your phone is far to problematic! 

If this keeps lm going to quit. Airbnb doesnt want to understand our problem nor the www impact on hosts any longer. Its site looks and feel awful. Hope they are not starting to bounce guests around. Messages are not dependable so we too get caught with it in a negative position. Happening so often. Their support are bots nowadays. Sorry to say this it is true. 

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Whitby, United Kingdom

I can’t get on to my owners account either 

Worked fine in the past, now my hands are tied! Very frustrating to put it very politely! 

Hello Airbib

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Green Cove Springs, FL

I have been an Airbnb superhost for several years, and now cannot even get in to my site. Somehow the Airbnb company needs to figure out what these problems are for hosts, and fix them,  as we cannot do OUR jobs unless you do YOURS.


Same here, so frustrating!

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

This seem to be a thread for people who have no idea how the platform works....

"i can not login to my account"

"i can not find my listing"

"i can not find my calender"


Please, educate yourself by reading the help-files, search this community for answers on similar issues,  or stay away from any digital device in future.

@ emiel1  You shouldn’t need to go to help or any other place to log in into your account


Sorry but what utter nonsense you speak. Help should never be you first port of call to log into an account if it is then there is something utterly wrong …which is the case in point here, which is why there is over 34,000 views!! on this matter DA!! I don’t go to to help and read a bunch of files to sign into my bank or any other account for that matter nor do you . That should not be the expectation here of anyone 


You have already sign up and operating , you should just click on the Airbnb app click on owners login, password and property ref and you should be in . We can all do that .

We are all busy people and don’t have time for a run around, creating stress, Quick Easy Simple is how it should be ….so why isn’t it??? Not writing emails sending messages phone calls hanging 15 minutes on whilst the “ambassador “ is handling another call then tells you her shift is finishing someone’s else will contact you, a few days later a message asking  if someone has called you . You say ‘no ‘ a few more days passes you're still waiting then a week goes by and another message appears  this morning September 13 2021 a different ambassador another hour goes by you agree it’s ok to call you in 30 minutes or there about, but still nothing is done as her shift is about to end  and btw  she tells you she can’t see your contact detail  which btw is in the thread of messages. But you know what she she has things to do and she is off leaving you 8 days later exactly where you started . This is Airbnb, a multi million dollar listed international company with resources at its finger tips behaving like a startup my 5 year old just designed 


Come on Airbnb this is diabolical unprofessional behavior and it’s no way to treat the people who makes you millions. If we as host only did 1 of these things you would unhesitatingly respond .  Over 34,000 views on the matter of logging in and and in my case for the record September 13 2021 8 days later still waiting on Airbnb  robot and it’s “ambassadors to helps me log into my account . What incompetence !! . I would  have told them where to go a while back, but they have Covid 19 to thank as  I have lost my primary income as a results so my home need to become my primary income earner . 

Emiel I just caught myself, 😱😱 and I should apologize to you for my response it should not be directed to you, it should be directed to Airbnb they are the one’s answerable to us hosts and causing this problem which they have failed to effectively rectify do forgive me 

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