How to change phone number?

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Quezon City, Philippines

How to change phone number?

How do I change my phone number?


AirBNB captured from FB and it is outdated.  



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@Maricor0 - add another phone number and get if verified then delete the other one.

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Hi, I have trips scheduled starting this Friday and am locked out of my husband's account, all the trip info is in there. The outdated phone number  prevents us from logging in and nothing else can be done to verify our information. Please assist ASAP as I need a lot of info for my travels. Thanks.

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Alford, GB

My husband tweeted them on @AirbnbHelp and they removed my two step verification so I could then log on and update my phone number in my profile.  You will need to know the old number registered on your account though.  Sorted within 3 hrs but top tip - use a desktop and not the app to log back in.  Hope this helps 🙂

Airbnb will not let me change or verify my phone number! (Very frustrating) Keeps telling me the same thing again and again.:"Oops, looks like this number can't receive sms. Please try another number." Then it will not accept another number! Keeps telling me:" You're reached the max confirmation attempts. Try again latter." .....How can i affirm 4 digit code if my old number can not get SMS. I'm going around in circles! ....Please Help!!!!



I do not have access to any of the phones that I have listed on Airbnb as I have just come back from visiting family and left the phones there. No other person is able to enter my phone there to give me the codes that Airbnb keeps sending me to verify that I am actually the one entering my account. I have entered through my desktop computer, but when trying to adjust my PAYOUTS it keeps sending codes to my phone. HOW DO I GET THESE CODES in another way. HELP!!!!!!!!


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Anacortes, WA

I can't join the conversation because I can not log on

I had to use multiple devices to log into my account. Thank God I had a desktop computer and a laptop at the same time.



I use phone number to ask question. 

after i create account system show "This phone number is already in use. You can remove it from the associated account or add a different one."

how to use my phone number to search account?

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Tampa, FL

I have this problem, too.  I recently got a new number and apparently whoever had it before me had an AirBnB account with it so I can't use it even though I can verify I have it with confirmation texts.  Looks like this will take a call to an actual human support to fix, which I hate going through.

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Fredonia, NY


I have a new phone number and I cannot determine how to change my phone number on AirBnB.  When I go to my profile there is no phone number anywhere on the page.  However, they want to notify me by using the old phone number (I can see this on the SMS option).  How do I put in a new number?  THank you.




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How to do that when you have access from your app only? Those things should be known in advance, not after the fact. Very stupid! Who is responsible for that?

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Christchurch, New Zealand

I've successfully removed an old number about 3 weeks ago from my profile but this phone is still receiving notifications, even though it is not listed on my profile.  HELP!

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@Jo-And-John0 How did you solve the problem?

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Here’s how you do it. 


Login in into your account from the laptop or desktop version on the mobile devices (like from chrome/safari/ etc) and then click on your picture which opens up the tab where we can see - profile, account, invite friends, etc. 

Click on the profile, it shall open the profile page. 

Scroll down till you see the old number and then simply add a new number and verify the number using phone call or sms and once it has been added to the account you will be able to delete /remove the old number from the account. 


Hope me it works and enjoy your vacations. 😊

Open the desktop site. It’s simple thereafter. You can’t do it on the app.

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Amman, Jordan

but the issue is during the verification, it asks to send the verification code to the old number (which i dont have it anymore) do you know what to do? thanks


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Bad Sachsa, Germany

I can't update my telephone number from the phone App. When I go to the account on my PC then I get a message that they can't recognize this device and that they need to send a 4 digit code to my cellphone number in order for me to input the code and continue on my account. Hello !!! That is the issue you can't send me a text message on the current cellphone number on my account because it's not longer my number !!!  Please help me here !! Thanks


good ivning, I want to change my phone number


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London, United Kingdom

Solution doesn’t work. There’s nowhere to change phone number or add a new one. Not on mobile app. Not on mobile website.  Not on desktop website via mobile browser. 

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Nice, France

Did you find a solution as I am not finding?

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London, United Kingdom

The only other way is to try via email if you look at the bottom of the box you will see it’s says try by email or help option hopefully you still have access to that email and you can verify that way 


the problem is 2 step authentication is not even set up yet but in order to set it up it needs to verify using the last registered number and so it’s a loop in their system 


I’ve been on the phone to them for a couple hours and they finally said you will need to contact your old phone service provider as there is nothing they can do their side 


so they them selves did not find the fix I did which is there is another option to verify via email 

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