How to turn split stay off?

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West Hollywood, CA

How to turn split stay off?

I don't want to book a split stay. I want to book a stay in one place.


There is no option to turn this "feature" off. It is not a feature to me, it is a bug that needs to be removed. If I want to book multiple consecutive stays, i can just do that on my own. This so called "feature" is making the site impossible to properly use and navigate.


I will just stop using airbnb if they don't add the option to turn it off.

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Gros Islet, Saint Lucia



IMO, the split feature doesn't work as it was originally advertised which was to offer guests choices to stay in two disparate spaces within a specific geographical location to get richer experience of the destination.  I've seen recommendations for two spaces that are next door to each other or located in different countries or islands.  For example, St. Lucia and Martinique are just 22 nautical miles apart, and both have a French colonial, but there is not governmental connection nowadays.  Many people think all islands in the Caribbean are part of the same country like the Bahamas or the Philippines, but Martinique is a French overseas territory and has different entry requirements for travelers than St. Lucia (still a member of the British Commonwealth).  Just imagine how guests may feel when they've booked a recommended split holiday, and find that they can't travel to one of the destinations, because they thought they were visiting the same country only to find out that a visa and health travel insurance is required for one location.


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Tokyo, Japan

+1 for adding an option to disable split stays.


Location and price are the most important factors for me, so I primarily use the map to find properties.

I also want to avoid repacking all my gear and moving mid-stay.


my workaround to exclude Split Stays has been to zoom out to the point where they disappear.


however, when zooming out too far some properties are hidden and the price flags on the map overlap making it impossible to easily target and compare different properties.


zooming in to try and target the property I'm actually interested in causes Split Stays to reappear and, again, their price flags conceal the properties I care about (i.e. 'pollute the map') and it's a major pain.


I can see Split Stays being useful for some people but it really needs an on/off option.

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West Plains, MO

This makes searching impossible. I don't want to switch apartments in the middle of my stay. Campsites litter my search results. I can't pay with bitcoin. Airbnb is turning out to be nearly unusable for me.


Edit:  And to top it all off, I can't delete this post as I don't want my picture posted on this community website.

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London, United Kingdom

See how frustrating this is from the guest perspective?


Airbnb - please sort this out...

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Wodonga, Australia

Split stay is ruining the app. It needs to go, or at the very least be easy to permanently disable it at the click of a button. 
It makes the app basically unusable on a mobile device. I'm just gonna stop using AirBNB if there's no option to turn it off coming ASAP. 

How do i turn this off?

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Viroqua, WI

Chiming in to say that this split stay feature is not helpful. Seriously detracts from the functionality of the site for me and adds a lot of frustration. Please allow users to turn this off.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Add me to the list of anti-split sharing. It's a terrible feature and I can't believe there's not a way to turn it off.

Please remove this 'feature' I'm looking for a longer term place to stay WITHOUT moving, and this just clutters up my search making things very difficult to find what I'm looking for. Extremely annoying and unpleasant!

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Placitas, NM



@Emilie,  I reread your post, so the criteria for a split stay to occur:

searches of 1 week or more

there has to be less than 300 available listings in the area.  (This can be altered by zooming the map)

split stays appear at the bottom of the pg.  (or on pg. 10)


So all 3 of my listings are available for a week or more in the above search.  They all show up available for an entire week (that's good, sometimes just 1 shows up).  Then at the end of the 183 listings they start showing up in the above pictured spit stay combinations.  The split stays are between my 3 units!

  1. They are all at the same location and the guest would have to move next door.  
  2. I would need twice the housekeeping for 2 units, and the guest pays double the cleaning fee.
  3. Unhappy host who now has to rethink minimum stays of less than 1 week to avoid split stays.  Though I suppose a 2 week stay could be spit into 1 week stays between my 2 units too.
  4. Unhappy host if this can be instant booked?  Can I or a guest cancel or change to 1 unit that is available for the entire stay?
  5. Perhaps a split stay should not be allowed if the entire stay of a week or more is available for that listing?
  6. 300 is the magical number of available listings when split stays kick-in, perhaps this should be a percentage of the available listings in a town or city?
  7.  Make split stays part of a robust filter search for those people who wish to use it, because they actually want to stay in 2 unique locations.  
  8. Fix AI so it doesn't have people moving next door, less than a mile away, and all around town.  There must be data on how many people really enjoy doing this: the title Turn split stays off indicates many guests do not. 

Please pass this on to those who listen.  The summer '22 rollout still has me cautious 4 months later; I still have no idea how it functions and what hidden programming issues will arise. 

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Placitas, NM

@Emilie , It appears split stays have disappeared in my area, unless they are a more seasonal tactic for peak season?  I am hoping that Airbnb decided to drop this major summer rollout feature, since I no longer see them in searches.  I can't imagine splitting a stay between two houses in the same town; I would often see this early on in the rollout. 


 On one occasion I saw a split stay for my cabin and another listing in town - when it was not necessary.  My cabin was offered for a 1 week stay, and then at the bottom of the page, it was offered for 4 nights and another cabin for three nights as a split stay.  Really - so guests can pack and re-pack!  Emilie, can you get any updated information on the status of split stays?  Has anyone else noticed they have disappeared in their area @Ben4581 , @Elliot148 , @Huma0, @Ann72 ?  This could be a good thing, especially when they are being pushed when they are not needed for an extended stay in the same town.  I also question how often Airbnb will get the city/listing combination correct; what are the odds, especially if they can't stick to a filtered budget (as Albert2294 states)?  I could see a use if you were able to choose the 2 (or more) locations, and had a functional filtering tool that showed results you were requesting.  

Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Gregory512 & @Elliot148


Thank you both for your feedback on this feature!


It's not currently possible to turn off split stays as I mentioned further up, however I appreciate you took the time to share your perspective and I will pass on your comments on my end. 




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Wyncote, PA

This "feature" should be limited to being a search option. My next searches will be with VRBO or

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Frankfurt, Germany

This feature is worse than useless to me


I‘m looking to book a 2 week holiday in Mallorca and the VAST majority of suggestions are „split holidays“ requiring me and my family to pack our bags after 1 week and move to another house on the SAME island, in some cases literally a few miles down the road.


Its possible to finetune the search using so many criteria - why cant I simply switch off this unwanted feature?

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Burlingame, CA

A/B tests are supposed to be more subtle than this. Please add a way to turn it off.

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Melbourne, Australia

Looks like this new thing has got a bit stir worldwide lol.


Well, I have no idea what sort of mastermind has come up with this disastrous strategic idea.. I'm sure even I can do a better job than this..


For guests, like some have mentioned above, it pollutes the search results and causes confusion in a forcible, counterintuitive way. Why would anyone want to pack and carry their bags and spend extra time and effort to move "house" if they are happy and comfortable in their current place?


For hosts, you have just got yourselves reduced days of booking, i.e. the reduced income thanks to this brilliant idea, as Airbnb basically tells guests who could have booked for a longer period to go away to stay somewhere else.. 



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Jamul, CA

Hi - how do I turn off split stays? I don't want to do a split stay and they are getting in the way of finding actual stays for my dates.  Please tell me how to hide them from the map. It seems like it should be a filter.

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Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Split stays are really annoying! No I don't want to have move on holiday. How ridiculous you can't turn it off. I am literally going to find other websites to book my Christmas holiday because the search is useless with it forced upon on.

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Clovelly, Australia

@Emilie I was also interested in how to turn them off, especially since they pollute my map search. I filtered e.g. by price e.g. "$500" and split stays come up for the same period of time for up to "$1000". That is not helpful. If they would at least honor the "$500" filter over the full period, they might be somewhat helpful.

Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

@Albert2294 Thank you for sharing some insights as to why you'd like to be able to turn this feature off! As I mentioned previously, there isn't a way do so at the moment but I will relay your suggestion to the product team. 🙂




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London, United Kingdom



It was my understanding from what was communicated here on the CC after the Summer Release roll out that split stays would only appear when there were no options available for an entire stay. Is that not the case?


Otherwise, this feature only makes sense if it's an optional feature that the guest selects. 

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Nuevo Tingo, Peru

Apparently, that is not true. I get both split and total time stays. It makes the search a little more cumbersome but at least they are well-identified with the icon. 

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