Is my listing suspended?

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Is my listing suspended?

I had to cancel a booking recently. The guest and I had been chatting for months as she is not due to arrive until next year. Unfortunately I have to move so I let my guest now I could no longer host her. She tried to cancel and somehow her cancellation was turned into a request for  host to cancel. I tried to check the dashboard to see what penalty was charged without success. Every time I click on the host section it is a blank screen. So is my account. So I sent a request for email response but it seems to me they will not answer directly through email. I have cancelled a booking I made before and had someone call me, but that is no longer the case it seems.


I went ahead and cancelled and found out they were going to deduct money from my next booking.  Now I cannot even see my account, transactions, dashboard or listing. It seems to be frozen or suspended. I got an notification today from customer representative- their reply to my query is in the host section that I cannot view as I am locked out of my own host profile/listing. 


The automated function is infuriating, I keep asking to chat with a human not a bot. Nobody is available. So annoying.  HELP

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Hello @Ruth169 ,


This would have been a distressing situation for you!! Please help me know if your issue resolved? If no, do let me know. So that I can nudge the concerned team to come back to you. 



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"She tried to cancel and somehow her cancellation was turned into a request for host to cancel"

This is an option in the system. It means if you accept, the cancellation is performed on behalf of the host.


Is your issue with your account resolved ?

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