Listing hidden for almost three weeks now and Airbnb won’t help!!!

Listing hidden for almost three weeks now and Airbnb won’t help!!!

We’re having a nightmare situation with Airbnb and curious if anyone else has experienced this and was able to fix on their own…


Back in mid-December, we connected Lodgify to our account as a third party software property management program. Everything was going fine until January 11… we got an email from Airbnb stating that a “large percentage of booking attempts were made through Airbnb and being rejected by our third party property management company (Lodgify). Because of this, we’re hiding your listing from search results and guests will be unable to book”. 
I immediately called Airbnb and asked them what to do. They said to disconnect Lodgify and gave me the steps. We confirmed it was disconnected on both the Airbnb and Lodgify side. This was all completed on Jan 11. It’s now almost three weeks later and our listing is still hidden. Even worse is that I can’t even  send people a direct link to book from Airbnb. They try to open and it says “page not found”.

I’ve called Airbnb every day now since Jan 11 and their response is “the engineers are working on and will reach out. There’s nothing we can do. Please have patience”. 
no one has reached out. We’re losing money. We bought a second Airbnb property based off of the income from this listing. Totally unacceptable and the worse customer service I’ve ever experienced. There’s no direct line to the tech team, which is insane! 

so, I guess I’ll just sit over here and WAIT while my house is on fire. WTF. So incredibly frustrated!!!! 

if anyone has a work around I’d love to hear it. Thanks! 

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After reading on Lodgify extensively (which I had zero clue who they are or what they do), I fail to see why there should be any cozy relationship between them and Airbnb, since Lodgify is providing hosts an easy way to develop their own direct web site (for a cut of the action of course) in order to really bypass Airbnb (and everyone else) altogether.


They come across as more than just a 'third party property management company', in this case more like a saboteur of leads if they come from Airbnb (or anyone else).


Surely, I am missing something. I don't get why they even are interested in being linked with one another, at least on Airbnb's part.



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@Erica-and-Tim0 its not ideal but could you copy the hidden listing and put it up as a new property until it gets put back properly?

I can see 1 of your properties but not the other.

I’m not sure how that works but we can try that 

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What advice did Lodigify suggest when you contacted them @Erica-and-Tim0 ?


This must be a common issue with Lodgify as there are a few video's on Youtube suggesting fixes. Have you tried them?

We were already in the process of cancelling our relationship with Lodgify since we were having other issues like inflated rates and such. Then this came up and we cancelled with them all together. They basically said to disconnect the connection with Airbnb and then they confirmed they disconnected too. 
We confirmed all of this the same day Airbnb shut us down and still nothing. Almost three weeks later and no urgency from Airbnb to help us. It’s wild to me. I’m in marketing and I’ve seen the money Airbnb out into their host ad campaign. They got a lot of new hosts to sign up and then once something goes wrong they give zero support. It’s absolutely ludicrous!!!! 

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