Maximum duration of stay allowed

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Queensland, Australia

Maximum duration of stay allowed

Can you tell me if there is a maximum length of stay for clients at an Airbnb rental property in Brisbane and are there conditions placed on the rental by the local authority?

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@Rob9965. Yes and yes. You should contact Brisbane Council direct to best understand all STR  obligations, however if just curious I did find these links that may help:


Sounds like 90 days is the max, must be hosted and there is currently a "dob in your STR neighbour" policy in place to attempt to force anyone thinking of doing it to be registered so as to pay the extra rates being levied. 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Your local government website should have information on any STR restrictions for your location @Rob9965 

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London, United Kingdom

Hiya @Rob9965, welcome to the Community Center! 


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