My listing is suspended??

My listing is suspended??

Hi, I'm a superhost and my listing nearly has five stars, I don't even have one negative review and come to find out this morning that my listing is suspended.  I never cancelled a reservation, my response rate is 100%, there's not one negative thing on my account!  I didn't even receive an email to notify me, I went and looked at my listing because I wasn't getting any bookings which is very rare, I'm always booked, that's how I found out it was suspended.  I called Abnb superhost support and they can't give me an answer of why, they can't even tell me when someone will get back with me since I was I'm under investigation.....investigation for what???  I'm a devoted host, and constantly praised by my guests,  I don't understand why I'm being treated this way by Abnb!!

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Dan14606 ,


This experience would have been very confusing for you! I wanted to let you know that your case has been escalated to the concerned team. I hope you receive some communication soon.  


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Thank you Bhumika for the confirmation, I was just informed that an agent has been assigned to my case and that it will be looked into.  I still don't know what is going on but hopefully it will get resolved quickly.  Nancy

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England, United Kingdom

@Dan14606 Eventually someone will looking this at which point you may be told not to repeat the offence you made. Of course, being Airbnb they will not tel you what the alleged offence was!

Anyway just promise not to do it again and you will be back up and running.

Hopefully @Catherine-Powell will eventually sort out these Superhost suspensions but sadly she has gone rather quiet recently.

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England, United Kingdom

Hi Nancy


[@ All, Dan seems nickname here, but is Nancy in Airbnb listing]


at 4.97 from 54 reviews and what guests speak about you [WONDERFUL place, cosy, v.nice, Nancy - an excellent communicator] you sound like a Dream-Host.


No one will be able here to guess what is going on, unless we say usual cliches: 'a guest might have complained about a sensitive issue' [safety, camera etc] about which you are not even aware [yet] yourself. This is something that AIRBNB has to look into, as others correctly point our 'cases like this with BAFFLED HOSTS' might be on the increase and Good People are getting Hurt. 

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London, United Kingdom



Yet another one. We are seeing several new incidences of this every week and have been for quite some time.


When is this going to stop?

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Rawai, Thailand



You are not alone it happens to many, Nobody ever knows the reason why, annoying when you get passed around and no results.


My advise is not to rely on airbnb 100% which is what many people do, then when this happens your business grinds to a halt with no backup.


If you need any advise on where to go send me a message,

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Fairfield, CA

I do feel and understand your frustration. I am seeing more and more of these kinds of posts here and on social media. It is absurd and I don't see how, even legally, the platform can immediately suspend you yet refuse to disclose the reason.


Unfortunately, based on other posts, the problem could be a previous guest lodged a complaint about you. Might have claimed you were racist, that there was some type of safety violation in your home, that someone associated with your account was charged with a misdemeanor years ago. These are only examples other hosts gave when faced with the same situation and may not reflect what happened in your case.


Try calling AirBnb back and ask to speak directly to an ambassador. Don't expect any decision reversals, but press your concerns. Tweet Chesky, go post on FaceBook. Find a copy of AirBnb's terms of agreement that you inadvertently agreed to when you set up your account. If you have a friend of a friend that knows an attorney, speak to them. Hopefully, the suspension will turn out to be temporary. I do wish this resolves favorably for you.

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