New short-term regulations from Riverside county and how Airbnb could help us

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Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA

New short-term regulations from Riverside county and how Airbnb could help us

Riverside county California now require us to have a photo ID of our Guest and to store this information for 3 years I know Airbnb does this already to verify new guest I know there may be some privacy issues which may be handled through airbnbs policy and terms that this could be done with a guest information when they're asked for it Airbnb already has a working agreement with Riverside county in as much as they collect and pay the taxes from each guest so I would like to know what Airbnb thinks about this and if it's could be some possibility I'm in Idlewild California I'm told there's between $700 and 1100 airbnbs in that area this includes all of Riverside county so I've got to imagine this is got to be in the thousands of host that this would be very helpful to thank you

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Swannanoa, NC

@Harold162   Unfortunately, this forum is not going to help you with your issue.  You need to reach out to AirBnB -- use the Feedback tab/link -- one is found by going to Hosting Resources and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.


If you are going to need this information, realize that AirBnB is not going to provide it.  You will probably have to add the request for it to your listing description, i.e., "Riverside County requires hosts to have a Photo ID of all AirBnB guests".  With each booking you take, send the guest an email thanking them for their booking and asking them to send a picture of the required ID (I don't know what your County expects you to accept).  Then create a file on your computer where you can store these IDs.  


Good luck contacting AirBnB!





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I don't think it's such a big thing for you as the STR business owner to safely store your guests ID. 

Accommodation owners in Europe, the Far East and Middle East have been doing this for many years @Harold162 @because it's a legal requirement .


in Europe you need to store ID in line with our GDPR requirements.


I would suggest you check about any requirements in the US and set up a system on your computer for storing guest ID. 

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