Problem in my back office

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Rawai, Thailand

Problem in my back office

Ive got this problem in my BO about discounted rates,

It's been like this for a couple of days that I've noticed,

I have my base rate set, Thats ok

My calendar is full till March next year, so thats ok,

When I go to Discount rate on the weekly rate I have no discounts at the moment

And the same with the monthly rate it's telling me what I should be before discount which is less than my basic rate and the rate in my calendar, 

So right now between my base rate and the calendar rate it is $407 less on the monthly rate, If I was to add a discount which rate would airbnb be looking at? 

Sorry my account is set in THB (Thai Baht)

Weekly amount as per calendar is 18,550

Monthly amount as per calendar is 79,500 

You can see the big difference without a discount 



 Discount rate.png

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The discount is calculated on the price calculated in the booking form. For 30 nights it is 79.500, so if monthly discount for example is set to 20%, then the price will be 63.600 for 30 nights.


The Airbnb "average price" better be ignored, it is often not correct. Also Airbnb considers 28 nights as a "month". Airbnb only looks at daily rates, if you have set fixed prices for specific months it will also fail in the "average price" calculation.



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