Search for property by property ID or Host ID

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Hayward, CA

Search for property by property ID or Host ID



Does anyone know how to search for a specific property via host ID or property ID?

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Washington, DC

And then what? Where does one enter the listing ID number? 


This doesn't work at all -- it simply goes back to a general search.

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Hingham, MA

I would really like to know the same thing.  I can't get a link to work so I tried the # and NO LUCK.  Why have property numbers if you can't search using them???

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Kraków, Poland

@Lauren216 Yes, I do. 🙂 Uncle Google: airbnb + "host ID" - here you can check me - starting from the second result it is all my listing indexed by google. No privacy online. 😉

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Hi Marzena!


I tried your suggestion above, and I wasn't sucessful. 


Here's my profile:


Any suggestions (for finding my profile without the URL)?

Thank you! 

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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I think someone used my Host ID or property ID to get information about the number of bookings and prices I had for a specific listing. Is that possible? 

@Andrea1864 any guest can see what your prices are for unbooked nights.

Nobody but the host (or their co-host) can see the number of bookings you have.

Knowing the Host ID and/or the Listing ID will not help someone get that information if they are not the host of that listing.


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La Quinta, CA

To view a specific listing you would need a listing specific URL, @Lauren216.  The URL is found in the address bar when viewing the listing and can be sent to anyone or used as a link on social media.


Host ID is not an option, but you can also use the general search function and use the map zoom to narrow the geographic area.

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