“Type a message” box missing when using mobile device

“Type a message” box missing when using mobile device

Hi All, 


The “Type a Message” box is missing when using Ipad.  


The “Type a Message” text box works on desktop.  Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 


It is super annoying because I primarily use my iPad to respond to guests.  





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Napier, New Zealand

I am having this problem on my iPad, too. 

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Waikoloa Village, HI

Yes I have the same issue on iPhone and iPad.

any solution?

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Crinan, United Kingdom

I have similar problem on iPad.  Did this get a resolution.   Using web on iPad the message box is hidden when typing message making it difficult to respond using an ipad

Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Brian-and-Leah0 , sorry to hear you are getting this issue. Are you using the website on your iPad or the app?


If you could share some screenshots to show the issue, and let me know which iOS you're running, that would be great 😊


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Aguadilla Pueblo, Puerto Rico

I am also having this problem but with my mac on airbnb website. 
How can I fix this?

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