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    Hi everyone, Welcome to the New to hosting board and I hope you’ve been finding lots of useful information, insights and advice from our community. One of the amazing things about this space is that those starting out on their Hosting journey can get a...
    Hello Everyone,This has been happening with Airbnb very often. This is my serious critise to Airbnb. How can I receive a double booking for unavailable dates when the google calendar is totally turned off. At the end we are paying penalty for that ? An... Latest reply by Evrim0
    I have friends moving to a rural part of Costa Rica. They are interested in becoming Airbnb hosts, but are concerned about a lack of internet access for either the creation of a listing or for the convenience of prospective guests. How can this be address... Latest reply by Sarah977
    Hello! I'm new to this , I have 2 rooms up for bed and breakfast in my house, do I need to put them on separate listings? I had them on one listing but it seems to be causing problems with bookings, so I've tried separate listings but now it doesn't seem ... Latest reply by Sue1551
    Hi Everyone! I am looking for some advice please! I am planning on making my Mums flat made into an airbnb. I am just wondering if I am subject to the same kind of checks that are needed if your renting the property out?I know we need to do a few things ...
    Please can you delete my listings. I m not able to. It's impossible doing anything simple on your site any more. I am doing what the instructions tell me but it is not as you explain it. We have decided to remove our listings as its too much hard work mai... Latest reply by Annette633
    1) print reservations based on property (not co-mingled) since we need to provide the schedule of two different properties to two different cleaning companies)2) be able to separate the earnings per listing (not co-mingled) Thank you for your help!Superh... Latest reply by Miloud0