Airbnb needs Customer Service overhaul

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Vancouver, Canada

Airbnb needs Customer Service overhaul

Airbnb made a Dispute Resolution adjustment from a guest complaint without vetting me as a superhost. The frustrating thing is Airbnb closed the case right away without giving me a chance to verify whether the claims are legitimate. It has been 7 days so far and I have not been reached by Airbnb Support to follow up on the case.


Basically a guest went through my personal things (ie underwear drawer), took pictures of it, and of the building's hallway (while the building was undergoing repairs), and complained to request the cleaning fees be refunded.  My home was clean. The nerve of the guest! And the frustration of Airbnb not following up, even after a week!



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Bernards, NJ

The fact is that one out ten guests there is a scammer looking for a free stay. It isn't a matter of them being unhappy with their stay- they want to stay for free, or give you a bad review that could stop all future booking. The supper hosts are their top target because you tend to pay them to keep the Supper title.

The review system only work on Hosts, not guests because they can open a new account easily. These scammers will torture you till you have a nerve breaking down and quit from Airbnb.

It is hard to fight scammers but Airbnb should at least reward Superhosts the right to remove a bad review, say per half year or every ten good reviews. But Airbnb did nothing! 

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