New to the Community Center? Introduce yourself here (Updated)

Former Community Manager
Former Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

New to the Community Center? Introduce yourself here (Updated)

Hello everyone,


A warm welcome to the Community Center. 


This discussion is for introducing yourself to your fellow Airbnb Community members, as well as welcoming and saying hello to newcomers in return. Thanks to all of you who have already introduced yourself and contributed in our previous thread, here.  


I'm Lizzie and I am the Community Manager here, along with my teammate @Quincy. I have been managing the Airbnb Community Center since it officially opened in November 2015. It is fantastic to speak with amazing community members here. 


To kickstart this topic, I would like to share a few things about myself:


  1. I love to travel, hot or cold it doesn't matter - I'm ready with my sun lotion or a raincoat! 
  2. I play several instruments, but my main one is the flute. I always enjoy a good conversation about music. 
  3. Lastly, over the past year I have become very interested in all things eco/sustainablilty related.


How about you? Any interesting facts or hobbies?


I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 




Thank you for the last 7 years, find out more in my Personal Update.

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Santa Barbara, CA

I'd like to suggest an eco idea for airbnb.   The Company is a game changer in so many ways.  Another way would be for Airbnb to go Green by encouraging Guests and Hosts to take steps that save energy, resources whatever.   Having a measure like this would encourage the service provide (host) and service receiver (guest) to conserve where it makes sense (no unnecessary waste of resources.). For an example, we had a guest of two adults stay for two nights and together they used 6 bath towels, 5 hand towels and 3 was cloths.  If there were a rating category for Eco friendly guesting and hosting, wouldn't we all be better off.   Airbnb can encourage that savings which the hospitality industry uses somewhat but not much.

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Newport Beach, CA

Hi, I'm Frank,


I am a host in Newport Beach, California.  I've been hosting for over 4 years and love  it.  I am also an airbnb ambassador, so if any of you have any hosting questions feel free to ask.


Thanks again!



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Houston, TX

Hi Frank,


I am a Super host in Matagorda Tx.  We have a cozy 3/2 cottage 2nd row on the beach.  I was trying to block some dates on the web site for me and my family to use but I no longer see the buttons on the right side  and then I read something about them wanting us to let them book our families.  I want to block dates I want to use my home any time.    Do you have any recommendations.  


Thanks for any info you may have.



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England, United Kingdom

@Marissa157 if you are on the web then the right hand side panel opens up when you select the dates. Others have reported problems with this but I think they were on the app.

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Neuquen, Argentina

Hola buenas tardes soy Alexandra de Argentina, vivo en Neuquén patagonia de la Argentina pero nací en Córdoba y tengo una casa en las sierras específicamente en Santa Rosa de Calamuchita diseñada para recibir gente.  No soy anfitriona, me gustaría serlo ya que me jubilo con 52 años, así es acá en el sur de la Argentina (aunque al ser fonoaudióloga algo desde lo privado continuaré trabajando) me gustaría seguir conociendo gente a través de airbnb.

Aquí en mi país aún la pandemia se vive en forma muy lenta para avanzar en temas prevención y/o vacunas , con lo cual ha dejado mucha gente sin trabajo y pocos motivados para poder seguir emprendiendo esos maravillosos viajes que nos hacen sentir vivos.

Perdón me extendí en mis sentires. mi propuesta puntual es saber si hay posibilidades de intercambios sin costos o a bajos costos o intercambios desde lo que el otro puede ofrecer al ser alojado y poder de esta manera seguir creciendo como humanidad. Sino no fui clara, pedir más detalle. Espero respuesta, en lo posible. Muchas gracias. Alexandra Giordani

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Elk Grove, CA

Hello Everyone! 

I’m Cherrelle from Sacramento, CA! I would love to get started, but unsure on how to negotiate with apartments to let me sublet their units. 

Anybody in Sac who can help a girl out?! 


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Vista, CA

Hi I’m Debi (wife of Dave), 

Dave will post from time to time too but I use to help run a large staff on a huge  Christian Forum for ten years so it’s likely that I will get involved more in community posting. 

We have a beautiful one acre lot in the hills of Vista, Ca. “Close Enough” to the beaches of Carlsbad and Oceanside. We created a beautiful private entry  suite that faces valley and ocean views*.


We were going to open over a year ago but with the Covid Shutdown and  three family member’s lay-offs, we just hunkered down to take care of each other for the year. Our goal was to open  by Memorial Day this year and we did it!  And we made SuperHost status in a month too which was soooo exciting!!

Love it! The timing was perfect. And perfectly needed as well. We adore hosting (Dave would not say “adore” but it perfectly describes me😃).

It’s expensive opening an Air BnB. Our goal by next Memorial Day is to have a raised gazebo with a beautiful jacuzzi sitting right in front of that gorgeous view of ours, so our guests can be deported into the sunset every night and relax under the stars out here in the hills of Vista. 

Soooooo happy to meet you all!!😀

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New South Wales, Australia

Hello, my name is David. My wife and I are Air Bnb hosts in Australia. I have a question regarding the acceptance of reservations for potential guests when you are outside Wi Fi range. My email address is ** Previously before the recent changes that Air Bnb made to their hosting format I was able to pick up and reply to guest's reservations but now I can only see the reservations if I am in Wi Fi range. I am concerned about missing out on a booking if I am outside Wi Fi range, regards, David

**[E-mail address & phone number hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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England, United Kingdom

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Karachi, Pakistan


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Poole, United Kingdom

Hello everyone 😊


I have read hundreds of threads on this site in the last 6 months, I think every question and problem has been answered, which has been great. 


Along with a friend, my husband and I bought a studio flat in the next seaside town to ours in April 21. About 6 months of prep went into this, after a year of saving up, and in that time I did so much research into exactly what to do. I must have easily spent over 200 hours on this site, as well as reading various guides about how to be a good airbnb host. 


After getting the keys to our flat, we spent 2 weeks doing it up before we listed it last month, and we currently have our 12th guest in there. We don't live there, it is all self check-in, which makes choosing the guests a lot easier. I don't think I would be brave enough to host in my own home! 


I've already experienced some of the challenges, nothing major luckily, but airbnb took a review away because they thought I had paid someone to write a review because the price was so low. I had put the price low for a friend of a friend, so I sent airbnb screenshots of texts from my friend who was there sending me photos of things she liked (she had helped decorate the week before). In the end, they said because she hadn't stayed there and her friend had, that it was a third party booking so they would not reinstate the review. I've also had a person have a 22 message long conversation with me, to then just not book, but I suspect real problems will start when I get my first bad review and will probably stress about it for weeks! 


I've just read the last few pages of this thread and it's so cool to see all the different corners of the globe we are all from! I kept thinking "ooh I want to go there!" 


Kathryn x 

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Mt Vernon, WA

I am new to the community and looking forward to finding out useful tips and hints from other hosts. I've been hosting for several years but it seems the Airbnb platform is constantly changing and guest expectations seem to vary and change quickly, too. So I can use your help! 


About me, I love to travel and stay at Airbnbs. I especially like to travel internationally. My rental is a cottage in an area popular for agritourism but we also see a lot of traveling professionals and remote workers. I bought my current Airbnb property in 2020 because of the great rental opportunity, but it's not how I would have designed a property had it been my own place. So I am also looking for property improvement tips that won't break the bank!

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Farmville, VA

Hi I am Cheryl. I live in rural Virginia, USA and started hosting in September of 2020. It has been a fabulous experience for me. I lost my husband in 2018 and opening my home to guests has been a very positive and uplifting experience. I have met some delightful people and appreciative the discussions I see on here to help me improve on my guests experiences. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Welcome to the community @Cheryl730. We're glad to have you here! 

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Hello! How is everyone? I have been hosting for 3 years, I am a super host. I am glad it is picking up again. I am from SF Bay area, and I was wondering if anyone needs help managing their properties. SF is stating to re-opened, summer is coming and maybe you want to free your hands. I can also, help sitting up your air b n b, I am a professional photographer, I used to own a house cleaning business, and I have been working in the hospitality for over 35 years. I am very detail oriented, reliable and professional. I am currently managing a small apartment in Alameda. Let me know if you are interested.


property manager, oakland, berkeley, alameda property manager

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San Antonio, TX

Hi! We are from San Antonio Texas and we have our own Airbnb in the same downtown neighborhood that we live in. I (Marcus) co-founded a property management company back in 2018. Since then my company  has found a lot of success in outside the box thinking as we experiment with unique amenities and a hosting style that is customized to our city. Having talked to tens of thousands of guests over the years, I have honed in on what amenities that guests may not have even realized they wanted. We also take a slightly different approach to creating listings and communications. But in the end, what we really excel at is giving guests an experience that pushes them towards the things we love about our city... It’s one of the benefits of living and growing up in the parts of town were hosting in! I love new ideas and am very interested non-conventional approaches to hosting! Looking forward to finally being a bit more active in a community like this!

Question: Do you have any unique amenities that other hosts in your city don’t have or rarely have? If so, how does it help your listing?

Hello everyone, I love traveling and hosting but because of this current situation, I am restricted to do so. Request and wish all the members to stay safe and have patience and courage, all of us going through a difficult phase.

Regards to all, Neetu from India

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Rapidan, VA

Hi Everyone,


I am Camilla and brand new as of February to Airbnb hosting.  I recently became a Superhost and feel absolutely blessed to be hosting people on my farm in Virginia.  I have traveled all over the world and will be happy when I can return to traveling but in the interim the ability to host provides a wonderful opportunity to meet fun, interesting people.  Looking forward to learning more about the world of hosting and how I can continue to make my guests enjoy their stay at my Guest Cottage.




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Crane Hill, AL

Hello I am Jim Cox on Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama.  .....Not to be confused with Smith Lake Australia or Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, USA.  My wife and I have been hosting a bed and breakfast here on the lake since 2004.  I am past president of Alabama B&B Association, which has dissolved due to the small number of B&B's in the state and the retirements of many owners.  I listed some of my units on AirBnB several years ago.

Our occupancy has boomed during the Pandemic.  We are in a rural setting on a beautiful clear lake with water toys for guests use.  Much of our business has come from nearby towns and cities from people who are stressed and want to get away to a safe, quiet destination.  We have continually upgraded the amenities and facilities to offer our guests more and better.  One of the things that most guests require is a good internet connection.  Another is privacy and separation from other guests.  We have two Airstream camper trailers for guests.  There are our most popular units.  They are some distance from the main house and I have added an outdoor shower and a screen porch, firepits and charcoal grills.  This has been a fairly inexpensive way to add more rental spaces.  

I hope some of my experience helps.

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Rapidan, VA

Hi Jim,


Thanks so much for sharing. I have a farm in central Virginia.   I am brand new to the hosting side although I did operate  my Farm House out as a B&B six years ago.  I transitioned to wedding/events and the pandemic provided an opportunity to use my Guest Cottage as an Airbnb.  I like you, am very interested in adding additional space.  With regard to your Airstreams, do you have any advice as to models, best place to find them at "reasonable" price, etc.  I have over 100 acres so providing privacy is fairly easy for me.


Thanks in advance,


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Sandton, South Africa

Hello Lizzie & Everyone


We are super excited to be part of this community, when you are in Johannesburg please be in touch for the luxury self catering apartments.

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