Pet filter costing me money!

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Eureka, CA

Pet filter costing me money!

I've noticed that my views and bookings have gone way down in the past ten days or so. I switched to traveling mode and did a search in my area. I just did a search in my area and my units didn't come up on the first page at all. So I went to enable the pet friendly filter, but I couldn't find it. This is a huge deal because usually all four of my units are in the top ten listings when the pet friendly filter is enabled.


This is a huge deal as we're losing money because of the lack of a filter. What can I do? We already have "pets okay" in all of our listing titles.

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Boston, MA

Just tweeted Airbnb about this. As a host that happily welcomes pets, this is super disappointing. Hoping they bring back the "pets allowed" filter.

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Berlin, Germany

@Roger722  Remember a few weeks ago when they made that big announcement of all those new updates and improvements? We were meant to get super excited that they finally added that Pet Fee hosts have been begging for for years, but that lasted for about a minute until hosts looked under the hood and saw it was only another flat fee. And at exactly the same time, the "Pets Allowed" filter was eliminated from Search. So you can still search for only Yurts, but you now have to click each individual listing and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see whether you can take your dog. 


Call me cynical, but I doubt any of this was an accident. They're basically making Pets Allowed the default for all listings, whether hosts want it or not. They cleared the first hurdle when they declared that whatever guests claim to be "emotional support" pets must be treated the same as trained service animals, and that refusing or charging fees for them was tantamount to discrimination. 


This makes the Search useless for me, as I only look for places where my dog is genuinely welcome without pretending she's a service animal. And you're right, it's also a big loss to hosts who voluntarily welcome pets. Airbnb really screwed the pooch on this one.

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