Problem with guest

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Lausanne, Switzerland

Problem with guest

Dear all, 


i have a guest who made a reservation for one night in my appartement in Switzerland. But she made a party at my place and she did a lot of damage and had to do a lot of cleaning after her. He made all night party and turn my appartement into a disco and it was a covid period. She didn’t want to pay for anything and she removed her Airbnb account. I don’t know what to do because the police came to my place because my neighbors was so made. I have proves that she made a party because on her Instagram story, she posted videos on my appartement and also the mess that was on my place show that it was indeed a party. Have you ever encounter such a problem and what did you do ? 
thank you very much for your help 

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I'm sorry you about your experience @Houda29 

I've sent you an update on this via DM, please have a look when you can. 


Thank you! 

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Sorry for the  bad experience!

This has been the main issue with many of us during this Pandemic.

I suggest that you install a "ring" door bell that will allow you to see who is coming in an out of the Apartment. Make the guests aware that you are able to see the in and out activity from the Apartment and this will deter the people that are planning any kind of event in the Apartment. Contact the Guest as soon as you see something out of the ordinary.

Also you can make the Weekend stay a 2 day minimum and leave the rest of the week as 1 day.

Your "Quite Time" hours should also be stated clearly so you don't bother your neighbors. This will avoid the After Hour parties after the Clubs open back up.

Good Luck! And don't get discouraged, this does not happen all that often! 😉

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@Houda29  I don't understand your listing. You have no listing description whatsoever. It is categorized as Private Room, yet appears to be an Entire Apartment. 


If it is a private room in the apartment where you live, how was a guest able to throw a party? If it is an entire apartment, why is it listed as Private Room?


 I'm very sorry you had this horrible guest experience and hope you can get some appropriate resolution.

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Make sure you keep a screenshot of all her Instagram Social media images as evidence to back up any claim you may make either via ABB or if necessarily through your legal system - small claims/ disputes Courts of Laws which may also be options you can use to claim back losses incurred.

The later means it's also in Public Record systems..


Within her Social Media postings will be "associates" of hers either 'tagged' or who may have written comments, make sure you also have screenshots of those in case you need them to track them down.

I hope you have made a complaint also to Police so it's on their records and they if need be can also keep tabs on her & her associates in furture..


All the best

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@Houda29  I am sorry it happened to you, this is every host nightmare

I hope you took pictures of all the damage and mess and contact Airbnb to let them know about the damage and the party before your next guest check-in. Then you will need an estimate for repair and you will have to find the same or similar products online or the bills of damaged items for your damage claim.  You have 14 days to submit the claim. Do not expect too much from Host guarantee 😞 but be persistent.


My advice would be to set min stay to at least 2 or 3 nights, put security camera if you can, and maybe list on VRBO platform with more mature guests and real security deposit

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Hi @Houda29 

Sorry to hear about your experience.

The guest shows up at the party with extra people unannounced. The host has the right to turn them away.

Call Airbnb Switzerland +41 43 50 84 900.


Or do contact the Airbnb support help center via message, acknowledge to the team your concern and the incident.

The Airbnb Support team may not respond to you immediately as they need to contact the guest to listen to both sides and investigating the case.


On Airbnb, hosts can add a fee for additional travelers on their listing. This fee cannot be applied once the guest has arrived and later checked out. It is just another effective measure for guests to know that they must pay extra for additional people

  1. Submit a change request through to the Airbnb Resolution Center after the guest checks out
  2. File The request to notified the guest and asked to respond. If they ignore or decline your bid, you can tell Airbnb to intervene after 72 hours. So long as you have an extra person charge and photo. Take photos of the event and the home conditions the guest left, present to the claim
  3. Red flag the guest profile and feedback an honest review to warn another host

Airbnb help article, as a link below,

What is the Resolution Center?


In addition, to prevent the  party guest  and the top tool as follows,

  1. To be clear in your house rules and policy or include the guest limit in the rental agreement 
  2. Ask for every guest name and verify document to registered On the booking page
  3. look for utilizing technology to help prevent additional guests; these top tools should be in your arsenal as Noise Aware, Minut, and Party Squashers


I hope you can resolve the issue.