The sixth sense

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The sixth sense

An experienced host will develop a "sixth sense" to trace guests which are probably going to make trouble.


I am happy to share my "acceptance" rules:


- The guest has no reviews and no ID verified

Ask the guest to verify ID

Ask the guest if he/she is using Airbnb first time

No satisfying answer? -->  decline


- The guest sends an extremely friendly ("raving") introduction message:

Be alerted, something is going on behind the scene.


- The guest sends a one line introduction: "i will be there at 15 PM"

He/she is a student or very young. Ask for more information


- The guest clearly did not read your listing at all :

Ask the guest to read the listing and houserules.

If no good match, ask guest to retract the booking request.



- For "long term stays" (28 nights and longer) :

Do not accept guests without verified ID, preferable also with good reviews.


- For booking requests from local people: Ask for reason of stay.

Be aware of scamming


There is much more to say (feel free to add in this thread) , but never ignore your "gut feeling" or "sixth sense" when accepting a guest !


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My favorite is the guest who tries to give a geeemale address.  Yes, they spelled it that why to bypass airbnb and  I assume lobby for a discount.

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