Why airbnb stands strongly with the guest side against the host

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Why airbnb stands strongly with the guest side against the host

Hello there,
I just want to make Airbnb sure that the term which says that guests can cancel on behalf of the host just because they might provide some documents claiming that there are some cleaning issues" before contacting the host " and override the cancelation policy even if it was super strict cancelation policy is very and way over going to the side of the guest against the host and l will explain the reason

the host should AT LEAST get informed before the cancelation just in order that he/she might have a great solution or alternative to the listing they gave the guest


according to my last case l gave my guest the apartment and they showed me that were totally satisfied so they can call airbnb and request a cancelation because of a mistake they commit not me which was they booked in a wrong area

l had 12 other apartments exactly the same because it is a hotel apartment, but Airbnb support center decided to just cancel the reservation on behalf of me and gave a an unfair penalty without contacting or even considering me knowing that l spent 200$ on that reservation

If Airbnb would have at least contacted me before the cancelation l would have given my Guest Fulya another apartment exactly the same as photos and everyone is happy and satisfied if that would have happened, l wouldn't have to call airbnb support center at least 30 times to solve that case, the guest would have got another apartment same view and same rooms, airbnb didn't waste time on that case and everyone were happy.

So about me l lost 200$ because of an irresponsible guest who fooled both me and airbnb and got their money and according to that decision made by airbnb support center l had to unlist 7 of my listings because lm afraid that this cenario might happen again and lose money again and l am working to gain not to lose money,

So l ask airbnb to reconsider the term which says that guest can ask for cancelation and override the cancelation policy without contacting the host because it will make hosts lose their trust in airbnb.

l would like to get a clear and fast response of the reason for that term since l lost money and l would like to hear and explanation or telling me that yes you found out that this term goes against the rights of the host side

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Marco3139  This is just a discussion forum for hosts and guests. It isn't Sirbnb customer service. If you want to register your objecion to this way Airbnb deals with hosts, you need to send feedback on the main site. But when you do, try to condense what you have to say, so it's simple and clear.

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