Working with airbnb host in my area

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Melbourne, FL

Working with airbnb host in my area

Hello, I am in Florida on the East Coast in the Cape Canaveral area. We have a lot of hosts and Airbnb and they are always full. They do great with Disney,  cruising and Space Center. Then just in our area we have the beaches, I would like to know how can I connect with them so I can offer their guests exclusive services like beach equipment, beach bikes, E-bikes, E-Scooters etc. I would even work with the property manger to deliver for free before guests arrive and pick it up the day they leave.  I even tried to become a host on the Aircover platform but I don't think that applies to me. Do any of you have any ideas for me?

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There are several facebook groups regarding Airbnb Hosts in Florida.

Google it or look it up here:



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