The Kenyan coast goes through two main seasons: The Kusi and KaskaziThe Kusi is when we have the strong Southern monsoon winds which blow from April to November. During Kusi it is considered low season because the seas are generally rough for snorkelling ... read more
The Kusi season at the Kenyan Coast
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Dear Airbnb, Regarding the overhaul of the Airbnb site into categories and removing control from hosts; I understand what you were going for but this should have been tested for usability by both hosts and travelers in the form of a ride-along widget to t... read more
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1- Peel and chunk potatoes, make it boil in salted water.2- mash it with a fork adding cheese cubes (I use asiago you can use cheddar), add salt if needed and red crushed peperoncino for that kick3- on a lightly oiled pan pour the stuff and compress it... read more
Mazda Cookbook: delicious potato pie
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This is a first. Local police in unmarked cars watching the building and pulling over other tenants asking about someone seen around the building. Looked up the person who booked and who is in the unit, she and her husband have arrest warrants. We've c... read more
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@Stephanie There are a lot of posts regarding how many properties have disappeared, views have dropped and bookings are non existent post the launch of the new search page for trips.Clearly it is entirely possible that one hosts loss is another hosts gai... read more
I need some help with my first nightmare guest who didn't read my advert, booked something not suited and then wanted services I didn't offer - after she had checked out and woke me up. Because she was such a nightmare I refused to do more favours after v... read more
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I must express my total disappointment of the new ‘category type’ listing recently introduced. My listing no longer appears, so thanks to Airbnb it looks like they’ve closed us after nearly 4 years, and many happy customers. Well done Airbnb a lot of your... read more
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