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Ive been quiet on this issue, until now. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with these fees.I’ve been using Air B n B for years now. I’ve stayed in places from Skagen in Denmark, to a Church in Yakima, Washington, to a Sea Divers shop in Crescent City, Califor... read more
Latest reply by Kristina46
Hello everyone, I hope your week is going well. Our next meetup will be on a APAC friendly timezone and will take place on Wednesday June 30th, 12PM (BST - UK time). *Timezone (I hope I get this right) Wednesday June 30th, 6AM (Kansas City / Pensac... read more
[Meetup] June 30th: Community social
Hiya everyone, Welcome to the New to Hosting board, here on the Airbnb Community Center! We created this space for those that are new to hosting, so you can ask questions, get suggestions for your debut listings and get help from more experienced Hos... read more
Ask an Ambassador #1: Setting a nightly price for your listing
But they are a family of house wrens . I sneakily got a pic of the nest last night when we were disinfecting. I had to make big signs for guests not to water or mess with the poor dying plant. Even after warning a few they still continued to water it. T... read more
Non-paying guests are squatting on my porch!
Latest reply by Dimitar27
We are currently purchasing a property 5 hours from us in a touristy area that we frequently visit. Currently the property is listed on Airbnb and has a rating on 4.53, it’s managed by an agency. I would like to do some repairs and then continue with th... read more
Latest reply by Alex208
The new community centre software layout does not make me happy.To many bold fonts, fonts way too big and therefor less information on 1 screen then before (i use a desktop)Is it just me feeling treated by the software as being visually impaired ? ;>)
Latest reply by Sarah977
We’ve heard some questions about how we’re working with the Host Advisory Board to collect feedback from you, so we wanted to share more on how we listen to you and the Host community, what we do with that feedback, and the role of the board. In an earl... read more
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