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Hey everyone, Staying at your own listing can be a great opportunity for seeing your property from guests’ perspective. By recreating their experience and spending some time enjoying your place, you might notice small details that you wouldn’t perhap... read more
Do you stay at your own listing from time to time?
Hello everyone, The benefit of the experiences of the more experienced Hosts is something many new members of the Community Center gratefully explore. This can be tips on specifically property or listings types, Airbnb products and cleaning, but also... read more
What have you learnt that you wish you’d known from the start?
Latest reply by Laurelle3
Hiya everyone, We’re back with our Ask an Ambassador! Today we are talking to Ambassador and resident Community Center expert, @Max144 , a Superhost from Bongaree, Australia about his hosting journey and how he makes his listings shine! Let’s read! ... read more
Ask an Ambassador #8: Showcasing what makes your listing extra special
Hi everyone, As Autumn arrives in some parts of the world, a recent Airbnb trend report shows that guests are interested in longer stays, picturesque destinations and natural scenery. In this month’s Spotlight, Host Advisory Board members Ningy... read more
Do you adjust your listing or hosting style as the seasons change?
Latest reply by Katja202
Hi everyone,In the past 3 weeks I have had 2 extremely bad experiences hosting guests and I wonder if anyone else has suffered the same, I am located in Southeast England. Three weeks ago a guest contacted me on checkin day as the were lost due to them no... read more
Latest reply by Katja202
I received an email from Airbnb today telling me that they've cancelled one of my reservations. This was the main part: "Unfortunately, we’ve received quality assurance information regarding this guest and we’re no longer able to support them as a member ... read more
Latest reply by Holly142
A few were actively posting and it sounded like were working on particular projects. I haven’t seen any posts for a few months now.
Latest reply by Stephanie
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