A simple rate for the night doesn't truely reflect what I would like to charge:1. A 5% discount for bald people (cleaning hair out of the drains is the worst job)2. A 10% discount if the entire party are bald!3. A 20% surcharge if the group has booked fo... read more
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An experienced host will develop a "sixth sense" to trace guests which are probably going to make trouble. I am happy to share my "acceptance" rules: - The guest has no reviews and no ID verifiedAsk the guest to verify IDAsk the guest if he/she is using A... read more
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Hi everyone, Living more ethically, with the planet, the environment, people and animals in mind, has become an important focus for many these days. This often translates into lifestyle changes, however big or small, and as a result veganism is a wa... read more
How vegan-friendly is your listing?
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I bought my house 2 years ago and it needs painting. This is it. It looks fine but there are 4 other white houses with very similar styles on a street of about 14 or 15 residences. My dilemma? It has to coordinate somewhat with the neighbors (pictured) bu... read more
Help me pick an exterior paint
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I am beyond infuriated over the lack of communication I’m getting from ARBNB. I had a horrific experience regarding a 3 week stay from a guest and family, and due to his deceptive lies and information, my account was suspended. I am a 5 star host with 3 l... read more
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Ill preface this post by saying that I insure many Airbnb hosts nationwide. My insurance agency has 32 years of experience in the industry and we have 5 years experience working with STR operators across the country. Recently, the subject of security ca... read more
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Hello, my name is Ilana. I am a host in Suva, Fiji and have been actively doing hosting for about 9 months now, hosting mostly tourists and some returning locals in the studio I run, which is part of my home as well buy downstairs. Just posting here to in... read more
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