In a way I am frustrated by my involvement here on the Community Centre because, all we see here are negative posts!We don't get to see any of the nice side of being a short term rental host. We are currently hosting Greg and Peta, and tonight we had them... read more
The joys of hosting!
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This is NOT a political post and I respect everyone's views on Roe vs Wade as I do on all matters. Airbnb however has been very political (and not in a good way). This cause should align with their values and here is a real chance to do good. I hope they ... read more
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by Amy Bernstein on the Tech Conference Collision 2022 in Toronto.Duration about 20 minutes. Might be interesting for you. @Catherine-Powell is Airbnb’s Global Head of Hosting. Video:
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What about a refreshing pasta salad straight from the fridge with this heat.- chop pachinos, wash them as won’t be cooked- slice spring onions and a piece of branch, thin ones perfect unfortunately amazon fresh had just the big ones. - chop some mozzarell... read more
Mazda Recipe Book: Pasta salad
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I am in mourning for my country over this shameful act by SCOTUS. Air B&B should use its mechanisms in place to allow people with room in their homes to host--without cost--women in need of reproductive care which has become unavailable in their state. H... read more
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My husband and I have a house on airbnb. We are traveling around the country with our horses. The income from airbnb helps coverage our mortgage and utilities, but not much else. We are basically in the red as we still are out of pocket for the gardener... read more
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As the 56 categories are not alphabetically on the screen, i put them here in this order to easily see them all. A-framesAmazing poolsAmazing viewsArcticBarnsBeachBeachfrontBed & breakfastsBoatsCampersCampingCasas particularesCastlesCavesChaletsChef's kit... read more
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