Sorry long post but in an endeavour to create less friction between guest and host, I think it is an important read. Here we go again, every few days this cleaning fee thing drops back in here for another airing. By the frequency of posts here there seems... read more
Hello everyone, I was wondering how you manage the photos of your listing. Do you take them yourself? Do you ask someone to do it? Be aware as well that it is possible to set up partnerships with professional photographers in order to match as best as ... read more
Improve your listing photos
Ok, I'll try to be brief. But there's a lot of stuff here. Guest books a week in middle of high season, 6 months prior to arrival. Made it through the gauntlet, seems perfectly legit. Appears to be a nice family. Booked. Done. A few days ago, as we were... read more
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Hey everyone! It has been an unspoken rule for centuries that when you’re the guest in someone else’s house, you abide by their rules. Your neighbour might want you to take your shoes off when you come in, or the store in your local mall might prohib... read more
How do you manage your house rules?
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Good day, I was wondering about something. We have guests we are hosting in the city and were wondering if it would be rude or out of place to ask that they not run the air conditioning if they are not in the apartment or maybe ask that they run it on ene... read more
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Hi everyone! We know you’re eagerly awaiting the July Superhost assessment and we wanted to share a quick update with you. Because there’s a July 4th holiday, the update is going to be a day later than usual, with Hosts being notified of their status ... read more
Superhost status updates: a quick note
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