Hi everyone, We thought it was high time for another game now that the festival is behind us again, and this time I want to try something new. As a kid I was always very fond of story time and I had (still have) a wild imagination, and I’d love to br... read more
[GAME] One sentence story
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My first investment property in Thailand for Airbnb. Tried to offer as many amenities as possible. I have a gym, golf green, cinema, english pub, rooftop bar, garden bamboo hut, spa, sauna, children playground, coffee / juice bar, arcade machine, pool tab... read more
Amenities for Guests?
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Hello, Our host has fabricated a 120€ invoice to replace a chopping board that has no original receipts (references a lamp instead) with 70€ setup cost. We believed that Airbnb claims would notice the fraudulent document but they have approved it and we a... read more
Help, our host is extorting us
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To the world, I want to express my cordial gratitude to this wonderful company, whose customer service and proficiency go beyond the stars. Soon after having booked our trip through Airbnb, we encountered terrible news of being attacked by the Azerbaijani... read more