[Guide] How to let guests know that my listing is a safe and inclusive place

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[Guide] How to let guests know that my listing is a safe and inclusive place

By Dolly from USA, @Rie9 from Japan and  @Mauricio467 from Mexico. Members of the Host Advisory Board. 


As Airbnb hosts, we have an amazing opportunity to open our homes to diverse individuals from around the world, creating memorable experiences for both us and our guests. It is crucial for hosts to make guests feel welcomed and included, regardless of their backgrounds or personal identities. Because hosting on Airbnb is not just about providing a place to stay; it's about creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for guests from all backgrounds. 

In this article, we embark on a collective journey with Dolly from Ft. Lauderdale, Rie from Japan, and Mauricio from Mexico to delve into various strategies aimed at effectively conveying that your listing is a sanctuary of inclusivity and belonging. 

Drawing inspiration from Airbnb's guide on How to be an Even More Inclusive Host and incorporating practical ideas, we will discuss how to showcase inclusivity throughout your listing, in the description, your host profile, listing photos, guidebook, and booking settings.


  • Promote Inclusivity in Your Listing and Profile Description

Letting potential guests know that you accept people from all walks of life can go a long way towards establishing an inclusive environment. As mentioned in the Guide, Peter from San Francisco, an advocate for the elderly and LGBT communities, does this in his listing by making it clear that he accepts guests from all backgrounds. Or Daniel from Spain, who explicitly states in his profile: "The doors of my home are open to everyone." This transparency extends not only to the listing itself but also your profile and the reviews left by previous guests. As hosts, we should understand that prospective guests will scrutinize all aspects of our listing for indications of safety and acceptance.


  • Utilize Photos to Showcase Inclusivity

In the world of visual communication, images have a powerful impact in conveying messages and emotions. When it comes to showcasing inclusivity as a host, using photos strategically can create a sense of acceptance and respect for all, making potential guests feel comfortable.

Incorporating impactful images that support various movements can deepen the profound message of inclusivity in your listings. Take inspiration from Dolly, who includes a powerful photo featuring the rainbow flag, symbolizing solidarity with various causes, in all her listings. This visual representation serves as a clear statement of support and acceptance, resonating with guests who seek a truly inclusive space.


Pride 1.jpeg

You can also showcase diverse activities in photos which can also signal inclusivity. For instance, if you have a common area where guests can socialize, include pictures of people engaging in conversations, playing games, or enjoying shared experiences. These visuals convey that your space fosters connections and encourages diverse interactions.


Inclusivity .png


The goal is to use photos to visually communicate acceptance and respect for all. Take a look at this original art piece created by Mauricio after learning he will be hosting a guest with a hearing impairment. 


Inclusivity 2.jpg


These visual cues go beyond words and create an immediate impression of inclusivity, making potential guests feel comfortable and confident in choosing your listing as their preferred accommodation.


  • Reviews

Reviews play an indispensable role in the Airbnb experience. A positive, detailed review from a guest who felt accepted and welcomed not only boosts your reputation but also sends a clear message to future guests about the inclusive environment you foster.




  • Guidebook

The Airbnb Guidebook feature presents an excellent opportunity to elevate your inclusivity as a host. Take inspiration from Matthew in Ft. Lauderdale, who thoughtfully includes a dedicated section in his guidebook for the LGBT community, showcasing local places where guests can embrace a sense of safety and acceptance. Whether it's recommending diverse attractions, gay-friendly bars, or the renowned Stonewall National Museum, hosts who curate such personalized suggestions demonstrate a deep understanding and commitment to catering to their guests' unique needs and interests. 




Similar to listing photos, guidebook suggestions and images subtly and powerfully communicate your unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusivity, just like Mauricio, who incorporated a photo from his neighborhood  with the poignant message "El amor no debe significar tener que vivir con miedo" ("Love should not mean having to live in fear"). A visual testament such as this one can resonate with guests seeking acceptance, instilling confidence and encouraging them to book your listing without hesitation.


  • Activate Instant Booking

Take advantage of Instant Booking to dispel any concerns guests may have about potential rejection and empower them to book with absolute confidence. By activating the Instant Booking feature, you provide a seamless booking experience without requiring pre-approval. Not only does Instant Booking grant advantages like prioritized search results and guest verification, but it also guarantees a smoother and more efficient booking process for both hosts and guests alike.




  • Personalize Your Profile to Reflect Inclusivity

Embrace the possibilities of Airbnb's new profile features to showcase your personality and authentically reflect your inclusive hosting approach. Share insights such as your favorite song, educational background, or even a delightful talent, allowing guests to connect with you on a personal level and further reinforcing the welcoming atmosphere you provide. Rie, for example, uses her host profile description to declare respect for others and even offers a clear nod to the LGBTQ community by indicating that she loves a Queer series that is currently popular around the world. 



About me .png



Illustrating the impact of inclusive hosting, Rie recently hosted  a same-sex couple who specifically chose her place. Curious about their decision, she inquired, "Why did you choose my place?” The guests shared that it was Rie’s profile page, which emphatically expressed her respect for people of all backgrounds. 


This heartwarming anecdote exemplifies how a host's commitment to inclusivity can resonate with guests and foster a sense of belonging. Utilizing features such as the new host profile can be a tool to  inspire trust and connection with potential guests and authentically showcases your commitment to inclusivity. 


Creating a safe and inclusive space for guests is essential for hosting on Airbnb. By implementing the strategies discussed in this article, such as emphasizing acceptance in your listing description and profile, showcasing inclusivity through photos and guidebooks, activating Instant Booking, and personalizing your profile, you can effectively communicate to potential guests that your listing is a warm, welcoming, and inclusive haven. Remember, it's the small details and signals you offer that can profoundly influence guests seeking a comfortable and accepting environment.




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@Dolly36 An interesting read and many good points I hadn't really considered. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read the article and for your thoughtful comment! I'm glad you found it interesting and hope you will find the suggestions valuable and consider implementing them to promote inclusivity in your hosting.

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Our ads are a reflection of our commitment to inclusion.

@Dolly36 , @Mauricio467  and @Rie9 ,  thanks for giving us such graphic examples of how to get our inclusive hosting noticed. I like the photos, the guides and the description of the new profiles.
Happy Pride Month! 🌈

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Thank you for your kind words and appreciation! I am happy that you found the examples helpful in showcasing inclusive hosting. The photos, guides, and descriptions in the new profiles play a significant role in promoting inclusivity. Wishing you a joyful Pride Month as well! 🌈

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This is great — thanks @Dolly36@Rie9 , and @Mauricio467 for the thoughtful piece on easy, practical steps to be an even more inclusive host. I especially loved the Guidebook example — we can all update that today. So simple and goes a long way.  Happy Pride!

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Thank you Dolly!


My guest in this story gave me the following message


Please accept my deepest gratitude for you and your fellow hosts, your discussion really warms my heart.

I understand Airbnb has always been very supportive as a platform, but you hosts are truly living “the big love ideas”.

Thank you so much for making the related conversation going and opening dialogues for people who may not yet give too many thoughts about the issue.
It is people like you who make us not feel alone!




Happy Hosting and Belong Anywhere!

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Wow! Such an amazing and powerful message, @Rie9 !


Well done! 👏🌈

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@Dolly36 Awesome article! So well written and the examples are strong and clear. Thanks for all you do my friend. Sharing in my community group for certain.

big hugs, Clara

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Sometimes we just need small message, a small sing to know that everything will be fine and to feel a little more secure. As host we have the possibility to create that confidence and security in our guests and let them know that everything will be fine and they will be Welcome at Home no matter what.


For me it has been an honor to contribute with you @Dolly36 , @Rie9 , @Daniel1651 ,  on this great message, full of love, acceptance and inclusion for our entire Community. 😀

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Thanks to you @Mauricio467 


I love the photo-example you have shared with us.


Small messages that mean a lot for the whole community of hosts and guests 🌈❤️

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful story and helpful tips for the hosts. 

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@Dolly36 @Mauricio467 @Rie9 and dear @Daniel1651

This is GREAT !

Thanks to you all for meaningful leadership and initiative.
We need constant updates and ongoing host education to provide a place where all guests feel inclusive, safe, and welcome!
I too have received positive response from a diverse group of guests since I posted the "You Belong" image on my listing as a signal and as a statement of my own intentions.

Appreciate your continuous efforts to reinforce D&I as a HAB. 

"Small messages that mean a lot for the whole community of hosts and guests" 
Love this Daniel.

To create a world where we all can truly belong #HostwithPride 🌈🙏




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Thanks for your words, dear @Shinya0 


Definitely, your photo and the  examples you provided on the Guide about how to be an even more invlusive host, are the source of inspiration for all of us ❤️🌈


Have a look of this post about communication. I am sure you have more tips to share with us:



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I really like the idea of having photos of actual people in your space that showcases inclusiveness and offers transparency! I need to add some for the Tin Man!