Booked for 1 person but come with 2

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Booked for 1 person but come with 2

I have a situation just now, my guest booked my room but he didn’t read rules. My room is for one person only , when he checked in he asked for 2 people. But I have told him that our room is for 1 as mention before. He said he will stay one night and moved out tomorrow and also cancelled the booking . Is that possible I will receive full payment even he will cancel after one day ? 

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Hi @Rose175


This is your guests fault not yours. Some people try it on or maybe he made a mistake.


I would give Airbnb a call and explain what happened so there is a note on the file.

Message the guest and say you are sorry he made a mistake a booked a listing for one person when he actually had two people travelling. That of course he can cancel the booking and Airbnb will make any refund in line with your cancellation policy.

If Airbnb message you and ask if you want to offer an additional refund just tell them know.

@Helen3 Yes I told him very clearly and this is not my fault. He came check in alone first then he asked for 2 people. He told my husband he will leave (not sure) and we are wondering if we can receive full amount even he make cancel after check in . And we are so worried he will bring his friend in the room at night ! What if he bring his friend or can we ask him out ? 

Yes, @Rose175. If he brings more guests than booked you should contact Airbnb and in fact refure to host him.

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@Helen3 Hi Helen, I have one more question, Airbnb has contacted my guest who told my guest will leave tomorrow ,I am wondering my guest booked 8 nights but end up he will cancel after one night stayed, will I receive full payment 8 nights or just one night after he make cancel by tomorrow ? I am flexible 24 prior for cancel

@Rose175, flexible is the worst policy possible. You should change to moderate at least.

from the moment he cancels, he has to pay 24 hours’ which’is usually one more night. If he cancels after your check-in time, that can mean two. He gets the rest back. 

@Helga0 My guest is new of airbnb, if he decide to cancel by tonight , he has to leave immediately? If he cancel by tomorrow afternoon, i will receive 8 nights payment or just 2 nights ? Usually airbnb will make the payment transfer on second day afternoon ( full payment) if I receive full payment before he make cancel , what I can do ? 

@Rose175, I believe if he cancels, he has to leave. So if he cancels tomorrow morning, you get the two nights he spent and the one night he will not spend, but you loose the five others. 

You can also make a change to the booking today for whatever lenght you both agree upon. You could accept a reduction of the stay, not a cancellation to two nights and he moves out immediately and you only get two nights. Not in your interest though. 

You could agree ipon four nights and he actually spends them. 

Or you could just let him struggle on, hoping he looses more time. 

Easiest would be to agree upon a duration, you send him a booking alteration and he accepts it. Do that side by side. If you cannot do it , you can also call airbnb together, on speaker and ask them to do it. 

The advantage of an alteration is, that your calendar is free for other bookings immediately. 

However, a cancellation gives you a boost in ranking, to consolate you. 

But if a new guest calls airbnb all by himself and tells stories, you never know, what will happen. 

Personally, I would suggest an alteration now, that closes the open file and lets you move on. 

On the other side: I would probably suggest a small fee and get an airbed for the other person. If there is enough room. 

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You may refuse entry to the second person. I hadthat only once, a lady showing up with a man. I refused the second person and both left. As it was a one night stay, they did not bother to cancel.

I added to my rules, that I accept only one guest, who needs to be an adult. (After having a minor verified with her cousin’s passport)