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Hi all,


As the CC (Community Center) has undergone several changes over the past year, we thought it would be a good idea to go back to basics and make sure everyone understands how to use the various features here. This is therefore the first in a series of tutotials about the CC 🙂


We will post a tutorial a week which will hopefully not only help you to navigate the CC but also to have a better understanding of how it all works. From our new members to the more experienced - there'll be something for everyone!


To start with I will just clarify some terms that you will see us and other community members mentioning:


- Conversation/Thread/Topic - a discussion about a certain subject/question, can be started by any user


- Post - an individual message written (posted) by a user (either the first one in a thread or a reply)



I hope you find them useful!




What is the Community Center and how do I get started?

How to start a conversation: A CC Tutorial

How to use your Community Profile: A CC Tutorial

How to use your Community Inbox: A CC Tutorial

How to send a Direct Message: A CC Tutorial

How to mark posts as 'Most Helpful' Tutorial

How to add a signature: A CC Tutorial

How to mention someone A CC Tutorial

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Yeah that will be very fine to make us learn more and what's going through the community.And it will be so helpful for each of us to know plans of the company.

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@Kirstie @lizzie  it would be great if comments in CC were somehow notated to bring up what is new. Best I can tell, if a discussion gets a new comment then it moves up the list, but there is no way of seeing what that new comment was. The comments do not reorder themselves within the list based on age

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Community Manager
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Hi @Kelly149,


Thanks for your feedback! I understand that it can be hard to find where the new reply is in a long thread in the current layout - the way the threads currently work, replies are shown directly under the post they replied to. Therefore if someone replies to a reply, it may end up showing in the middle of the thread. We are actually considering changing the setting to arrange threads chronologically and collecting feedback to see if community members find that an easier to navigate - I'll let you know if and when we do and see what you think!

How do I directly ask a question from Admin. May not necessarily want to discuss it with the whole community. There were some issues with my bookings and I wrote to cancel my account.  Now it is sorted and would like to continue my account. However I want to be able to contact the admin if there is an issue. I still don't know how to check my pays directly except going through search helps. Why can't the account payment just be in the front page?

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I wanna translate it to my colleagues in portuguese 🙂 

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This can now be moved here from the Community Help Guides:

CC Settings: Personal Profile, Preferences, Subscriptions & Notifications: A Community Help Guide


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I just joined as a host.  I just received a text msg on my phone about a person booking my place.  But when I use my IPad to sign in on Airbnb,  it does not show this booking.  How do I use my I pad to give me alerts instead of my cell ph?  Why is the booking not showing on the Airbnb site? Help please

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One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that, on occasion, I've clicked on Ask The Community, and been taken to a New Message form that asks me to 1) tell something about myself, and 2) provide a link to a YouTube video. Once I tried to submit the message without either of these items, but the form insisted that I fill in both fields. I had no clue what YouTube video it wanted, so I posted a link to a random video. The form was still rejected, but without any indication about what needed to be corrected. Could someone tell me why this form exists, why it wants the information I mentioned, and exactly what kind of video link it needs?


Here's a link to this form:


Thanks for the clarification.

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I am new to this site and have no idea how to get this question answered. I have had several friends try to search for my listing and it doesn't show up in a standard search. They have to go to a map and find the pin and then they can access the listing, but why is it now showing up in a standard search for the city and price range it is in?? 

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My bank account set in Airbnb was changed, but not by me. Since the middle of August that Airbnb bank transfers are being made to a different account that does not belong to me... How can I contact Airbnb or be contacted by someone at Airbnb?

I unable to create Iban detail on Payment sektor

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Hi @Kirstie, my name is Carolina, Airbnb host and SEO copywriter at Canva, an online design platform which I can create stunning templates for my guests such as “visual house rules”, amazing pictures including texts about each room, guides about facilities near my space among other many features. I would like to know if I could use the Airbnb logo on this presentation and... after all, show the job done to the community as a way to share a useful tool to attract and be helpful with our guests. The community can use it as a sample to create their own designs. Thanks in advance, Carolina

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Hello everyone, 


Due to the changes we've made here in the Community Center, we have now created updated versions of these tutorials and moved them to the Tips & Tutorials board. To see an overview of all guides and tutorials click here


I am going to close this thread to new replies.





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