Cleaning Fee covers what exactly?

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Cleaning Fee covers what exactly?

Looking for some quick help with this issue . . . I am new to hosting here and currently have my first booking in my listing. My understanding of the Cleaning Fee, is that it covers cleaning for the guests arrival (and in some ways cleaning after), but not for cleaning during.


The Guest in this booking asked me at check-in when she can expect the apartmetnt to be refreshed. She said she uses Airbnb all the time and that is what she has come to know, 2/3 days into the booking. Her booking with me is for 6 nights. She also said that she did not see the purpose of paying for cleaning service if she was not going to "benefit from using it".


Also, I hate asaumptions but what could the expectation of "refreshed" be? New bed linens?? New towels??


I have searched through the Airbnb site and cannot find anywhere answers or guidance to this issue . . . 


As a first time host, first booking etc. I am fearful of the "dreaded" bad review especially on something that I may have to speak to the Guest about. 


Help is greatly appreciated!!!

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I see your misunderstanding now.  The cleaning fee is charged once not daily.  I am not trying to convince you to use Air BNB, but at least you have correct information in which to make a decision.

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What if you’re a guest that picks up after yourself but after 48hrs you realized there’s dog hair all over the sheets and floor which mean you weren’t provided clean linens, is there a way to get that fee removed?

@Brittney46   As a guest, if the listing is not meeting your expectations for example not clean enough, you can message the host about a refund.  If you elect to stay in the listing in spite of problems, you may not qualify for a refund.  If you message the host about the lack of sufficient cleaning or clean linens and the host does nothing about it, you might consider contacting Air BNB and seeking another place.

@Brittney46  A little hard to believe it takes 2 days staying in a place to notice there's dog hair all over the sheets and floor.

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Is a $199 cleaning fee excessive for a two night stay, especially when paying $250 per night? I’ve decided to no longer use Airbnb and book hotels instead. I can get a 4 star hotel in the same area for $150 per night on Priceline. It just doesn’t make sense to pay for all the inconvenience of paying a high cleaning fee and then being expected to do all the cleaning.


For short stays like that, you might be better suited to a luxury hotel. That is a high cleaning fee but it wouldn't be "felt" so much by guests who book longer stays. 


I'm sorry you had a bad experience with your last stay. I looked at her listing and I can see why you booked it. The $199 probably covers her cleaning crew, cost for laundry, and extras for guests (imagine it's a 2 person cleaning crew who comes in and clean for 3 hours....that's 6 billed hours at $25-$30/hour). 


As for her expectations not being met- that is always tricky and I recommend touching base with your host before checkout just to confirm what they want you do to (or you might even request a quick walk through if the live nearby). 

You’re absolutely right that a luxury hotel would’ve been less stressful and upsetting. I don’t see myself staying at another Airbnb in the future. 

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I went out of my way making sure the place was clean. She’s upset because I left a rainbow balloon in her daughter’s room and three coffee cups next to the sink since the dishwasher was running. 

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aibnb cleaning fee = scam. Dont pass this expense on to the customer, it should be a cost of doing business


@Sam3354  The cleaning fees are always the customer's expense, whether a place shows a separate cleaning fee, or it's included in the nightly price. Just as the amenities provided, the average utility use, and all the rest of a host's expenses are factored in to the price.

Do you honestly think hotels don't figure the cost of cleaning into their nightly rates, just because it's not shown as a separate charge? 

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It is complicated now that you already created the possibility. The cleaning fee is for cleaning the apartment before the guest arrives. I do offer extra cleanning if the guest requires, but I charge extra. The only places I have stayed using airbnb that had cleaning during my stay were apart-hotels, and it was stated on the reservation. If it was not specified in the reservation she has no right to expect that. She is clearly trying to take advantage of you. 


Don't be afraid of bad reviews too much other wise you will be always doing extra jobs, buying extra things the guest needs, don't spoil them, they get used to it and ask for more. 


Airbnb as far as I know actually doesn't like hosts entering the guest private spaces during their stay. I would say no, sorry, that is not included.

@Luana130 you need to tag your message otherwise the person you write to probably won't see it. This is an old thread except for this new guy complaing about the cleaning fees.