Disabled (wheelchair) access accommodation

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Ullapool, GB

Disabled (wheelchair) access accommodation

We have just started letting our apartment out with airbnb and are very pleased with the results. But our apartment is a "granny flat" built on to the back of our house and it was designed from the start to be wheelchair friendly, for my parents whose mobility was decreasing.


We live in a popular holiday destination in the Scottish Highlands, Ullapool, and would like to advertise to airbnb guests that our apartment suits someone in a wheelchair. However there does not seem to be a filter which allows potential guests to search for disabled access accommodation. 


Does anyone know how to do this?

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Seems to me there was an option for other under amenities. I am thinking you can write the wheelchair accessible in but have not tried it myself. Maybe someone else has an idea. Best


Hello, Not sure if a filter exists. But, you could add it as an idea to incorporate in amenities for future. There is a new Host Voice section where you can share your ideas with Airbnb and suggest new features or improvements to existing features.




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Please add this as a suggestion on host voice - you are not the only host or guest that is interested in listing such a feature!

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You can edit your 'Amenities' and tick the 'Handicap accessible' box.  I know this is pretty vague, but someone looking for a listing that is wheechair accessible can at least set this filter for their search, and then obtain more precise information from the host.

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IS anyone from AirBnB monitoring or reading this conversation?  I have two AirBnB spots and am getting a third. I find it difficult as a guest to find out about spedifics of wheelchair access as most people without direct knowlege about wheelchair friendliness don;t know what to address. I want to know bed height and all the particulars about using the bathroom, steps to entrance etc.  I am sure AirBnB could do better at supporting both hosts and guests wanting to address disabilty issues. Please have one of your software engineers contact me! or us! and look at this issue in depth!  Thanks, Elizabeth

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Have you looked at advertising on sites like this?



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How wonderful to be able to provide this.  I would tick the accessible box under amenities.  This would enable people to filter somewhat.  Then, if you specify it additionally in your description of the space, it will become clear for people exactly how the space is accessible (ie, for w/c access).


On top of that, may I suggest you put this same question forward under the"host voice" section of this community site.  As I understand it (and I am new too, but have been reading quite a bit), that is the space to directly communicate new ideas to the company.  If enough people respond/thumbs up the idea (20, I believe), then the idea will be reviewed by the company.


Good luck!

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@Christopher83 @Hilary-And-Ed0 You may have noticed since Christopher's original post last August that in Amenities, Special Features, there is now has a tick box for Wheelchair Accessible.  (Last August the box was Handicap Accessible.)  Well done those of you who got this suggestion accepted by AirBnB!

All the best up there on the west coast, from down here on the Isle of Luing!  If I get any enquiries about wheechair accessibility, I'll refer them to you.

Hi Julia,


Thanks for the post. We have only had two wheelchair using guests, but it is progress. Jan and I will be at the Toberonochy Boat Muster 28th-30th April, so we might see you!


Cheers, Topher ***

Yes, I did see that box.  Do you know if it is possible for a guest to search for wheelchair accessible with filter settings?  

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Thanks for the help and advise in the conversation .... I have recently listed my five apartments of which two are wheelchair friendly and wondered if there was a way of promoting this or a way people searching can locate these sort of apartments.

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@Christopher83  I initially added the "wheelchair accessible" to my listing because it was accessible to a personal friend of mine in a wheelchair.  Then I clicked on the extended explanation and saw that I needed to be disability accessible per the US Americans with Disabilities standards.  I do not meet those requirements, so I deleted it as an amenity.  Yes it is searchable and it is under special features.


So my lesson learned was that what was acceptable to a close personal friend is not acceptable to a public guest.  Be careful because if you present your listing inaccurately, it can be removed.

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It is under facilities